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Thursday, July 6, 2017


So today what did I do? Well I know I did some pretty fun things tonight (; But before we go there let's start from the beginning of my day.

This is a weird format... I'm usually half incoherent when I write here but I'll actually try to make this chronological and about my day. First off I woke up. It was fairly early, about 10:45 AM (I can't wake up... life is gonna suck waking up early for two years). Ate some breakfast then dressed up and got ready. I looked at my phone and realized one of my friends just left. We already called yesterday so we made our peace, but I texted goodbye again anyway.

Today, my agenda was to meet up with two really cool people. My AP Gov teacher who's really funny and helped improve my reading, compassion, and public speaking skills and one of my bestest friends in high school who helped me find my testimony, helped me with my homesickness and issues in high school, and believe-it-or-not helped me choose accounting for my major. They're both really great people and I honestly wouldn't have been me without their help.

Anyhoo I first met up my teacher at an incredible restaurant In N Out (it's dabombdiggidy). We talked about life, BYU, and what the hell is a missionary. It was fun. We ate food and it made me miss senior year a bit. That was a fun time and even though a lot of drama went down that year, it was a good year for me. I made some great friends, some terrible mistakes, and learned more about myself. When we were done eating we hugged, took a picture, and said the same thing every pre-missionary kid would say, "see ya in 2."

Next up my bestest friend. I went to her house picked her up and off to Santa Cruz. Whenever we hangout we always go on a bit of a road trip. I honestly don't know why but it always feels like it's a thing we should do. Last time I saw her we drove to Cupertino and Palo Alto, another time we went to San Francisco for lunch, and this time I'm looking for a sexy banana slug in Santa Cruz. We went to the boardwalk and went on some rides, ate food, and did other fun stuff that I can't really remember because my short-term memory is terrible. OH! And I scared her with my driving as usual. It's not that I'm a bad driver or anything, but I drive very aggressively. SAFELY! but also aggressively... We finally caught up with each other's lives. I needed that. She's still pursuing accounting, and still doing other things (that I do not have her permission to say so I'm not saying it). We probably hung out for a little over 5 hours and while it was fun we didn't have time to get ice cream. It's okay though maybe next week after I watch BOM the musical. I didn't find a banana slug, but instead ended up buying 2 pairs of socks. And I'm fine with that because holy geez they're really nice socks. Thank you capitalism.

I came home a little earlier than expected and cooked some dinner. Steak and asparagus. Today's a good day but it's not over yet. When I moved to California from Minnesota I heard that they had a lot of really cool parties and raves here in California and it's true! They're pretty frickin cool. The best part is, the night life can be amazing in the Bay Area if you look for it. So tonight I decided to do something cool too. I went around and you know what I did last night?
I cried myself to sleep.
Don't you love human feelings?

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