The Longer Ones

Friday, July 7, 2017

Never Let it Die

My writing style. My attitude. My beliefs.

About 18 days. In about 18 days, my life will change. It's not anything too dramatic of course! No fire nation attacking or long lost relationship, if that's what you were hoping for. I'm simply leaving.

For the next two years I'll leave and serve the people of Urdaneta Philippines. It'll be a fun time I promise. But I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't miss anything. Today I was compiling emails and I realized that I made so many friends. So many that I'll miss. So many that I had fun meeting. And so many who taught me to become better than who I already am.

I learned a lot from them. And I'll never forget that. I'll never let it die.

In this transition, I was asked a few times if it was all going to change. If this mission will change my beliefs and writing. It won't. I'll still be me. I'll still be #liberalmormonhippie who blogs, loves accounting, and is still very much a kid. I will change a little because even though I'm literally half a world away, I'll still keep on learning. But that doesn't mean I'll forget who I am. Maybe that hippie won't be as loud, or will learn a few more religious quotes, but I'll still be that hippie who says hi to strangers and is awkward as hell.

I promise you that. That my writing, my attitude, my beliefs... I'll never let it die.
And if I can't live up to that, then comment and burn my weird ass.

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