The Longer Ones

Friday, October 25, 2013

possible titles for stories

the Amazing world of Cali
adventures of socially awkward people
broadcast journalism extravaganza
clique clique clique
I came in like a wrecking ball (parody)
spirit animals
halloween costumes
pun pun puns
eastview's most wanted
sing off
do somethin' crazy

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

new standups

New Standup:
one of the employees here is Britt Feldhavs.
the mudhouse is a great convenient place to beat the heat
there's so many types of drinks, cooling yourself off is easy
go to the mudhouse for a great drink to cool you down

Monday, October 14, 2013

driving thing-ehs (teen driving)

1. When driving for the first time, go to a parking lot with no cars. When you first start driving most drivers tend to notice, moving cars move away from you but parked cars will turn to a hazard at times.
2. i want a bumper sticker inside and outside the car, not for everyone else to see but for me to remember. I want the bumper sticker to have a Winnie the Pooh quote because i like him. and i want a huge bumper sticker on the back to say "slow children 1000 points each", just to scare everyone.
3.connect cellphone to car through Bluetooth, Siri will read off my texts, messages,alarms and phone calls while I'm driving, so that technically I'm not holding a phone, and it looks like I'm not using a phone.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Focus Statement: it’s too hot for coffee
Soundbite script
Britt Feldhavs (Employee): you know during the summer months we ice most of our drinks a lot of our customers still need their caffeine fix, so you know when they get a latte they’ll get an ice latte instead.
Ben Olsen (customer): I probably come in here for 2-3 times a week, usually maybe less, but maybe max is about 3 times a week. Pretty typically I’d like a nice hot cup of coffee, but uhhh in the summer it’d be really nice to just get a cool drink. Well I have got the nice mud puddle right here, one of their classics, it’s got vanilla, and uhh mocha and a little bit of chocolate mixed in there, mix it up with some ice and it’s a really really good drink
Linda Lovelace (employee): I read a lot of medical books and herb books and they said drinking coffee can actually cool you down than drinking cold soda and stuff. It just takes you, it does something to you to reduce the heat of your body and it seems to be okay.
Stand-ups script
Megan Honeywell (reporter): Everybody knows to come down to the mud house for a great cup of coffee but nobody wants coffee when it’s 105 degrees.
Megan Honeywell (reporter): for coffee shops like the mud house there is one way to beat the heat and that’s to offer a refreshing cold drink.
Megan Honeywell (reporter): another great thing about the mud house is that once you get your drink and sit down there is a lot of great art work.
B-roll script

Type of shots
Length (in seconds)

Guy on computer in distance

Guy on computer close

Coffee bar line

Coffee menu

Word “hot” in menu

Coffee bean bag

Electric fan

Handing tray


Employee making coffee

“lift my lid”


Other menu

4 seconds
Stalker view of employee

Friday, October 4, 2013


I thought the day was going to start so beautifully, unfortunately I was wrong. Target was meant to be a good day, I always got Caribou, I build a castle at study hall, and there's usually a good lesson I did not learn yet. nothing went my way that day. I woke up early, just finished seminary (church activity every morning at 530 am), and i was ready for school. When all of the sudden my sister (being a senior) left me because she did not need to be there and did not buy any hot cocoa. A little bit disappointed I believed it was going to get better, until I was enrichment and it made it all that more boring. To be honest, I'm not necessarily sure whether or not I was listening hard enough or there was just nothing there i could have learned. Choosing the easy way, I chose the second one and blamed them. But worst of all, the only good thing I could do at study hall was taken from me, when the teachers at that moment took away my note-cards making me unable to create a castle. The castle was usually a thing I do every target day, when I spend all my time building a literal castle out of cards. Usually they let me because it was an entertaining form of distraction/cards, but being a distraction it was taken away and I was left bored with nothing to do and wasted a complete 104 minutes, ones that I will never have back.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


today started like a beautiful day, until something was murdered. it was all in school where i was forced to lose/murder/annihilate about 104 minutes of my life sitting on the floor talking about the most craptastic things I already learned. it all happened in target day. The teachers forced me to learn the things that absolutely reviled my spirits, and all this happened for reasons that did not even affect me. it was to support students that did not study ughh... it was a terrible experience, especially when they would not let me build my castle.


In the world there is supremacy of 2 websites ruling over every other one, Facebook and Google. out of all the people in the world approximately half of them chose Facebook and or Google as their main website to go to. In this story two things surprised me, the supremacy they have, and the other competitors who are not as successful. Many of the other competitors I have not even heard of, like Baidu and Yandex. The supremacy Google and Facebook have is amazing, it surprised me how widespread they really are.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


one of the biggest hits of 2013 in music is an amazing band called Imagine Dragons. Finding the right blend of music they became the most popular rock band of 2013 and sold out all of their concerts in the U.S. In their new album night visions they created the perfect blend between every pop genre and a slight addition from each music category giving audience music that is part of virtually everything. In my perspective those three musicians stepped up the expectations of music by giving a higher standard in how they play and selling more records than anyone but Mumford and Sons. Unlike other bands they gave songs that intrigued all the audience providing multiple hits like Demons, Its Time, Radioactive, On Top of the World, and Nothing Left to Say.