The Longer Ones

Friday, October 4, 2013


I thought the day was going to start so beautifully, unfortunately I was wrong. Target was meant to be a good day, I always got Caribou, I build a castle at study hall, and there's usually a good lesson I did not learn yet. nothing went my way that day. I woke up early, just finished seminary (church activity every morning at 530 am), and i was ready for school. When all of the sudden my sister (being a senior) left me because she did not need to be there and did not buy any hot cocoa. A little bit disappointed I believed it was going to get better, until I was enrichment and it made it all that more boring. To be honest, I'm not necessarily sure whether or not I was listening hard enough or there was just nothing there i could have learned. Choosing the easy way, I chose the second one and blamed them. But worst of all, the only good thing I could do at study hall was taken from me, when the teachers at that moment took away my note-cards making me unable to create a castle. The castle was usually a thing I do every target day, when I spend all my time building a literal castle out of cards. Usually they let me because it was an entertaining form of distraction/cards, but being a distraction it was taken away and I was left bored with nothing to do and wasted a complete 104 minutes, ones that I will never have back.

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