The Longer Ones

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Ch 68 Training a god with 11 Baptisms CLICKBAIT NOT CLICKBAIT

So lemme tell you something about my companion. He's really good with a computer. Like I don't think you know.... but he's really good with a computer. Like really really good.

Lemme tell you a story.

so being here in the philippines there are sketchy computers every now and then.... there are a lot of sketchy computers and because of that, our flashdrives and SD cards are often filled with viruses/malware and other horrible shats that should never be inside your camera or other devices.

Anyway being the computer whiz that he is, convinces me that one day (on a p-day) we should clean these flash drives to make sure we don't have anything bad on it.

anyway after a while we cleaned mine, and Elder Lewis' and then we got to some flashdrives in our district....

Anyway in one of the Sister's flashdrive's it was so bad that it all the code was in random characters and changed the desktop colors on the computer. But the worst one was our zone leaders.  When we plugged it in into the Church computer. (BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY a clerk's computer and church wifi is the best thing to use to kill viruses)... the computer started to glitch and shut itself off.

"Elder we need to bring this computer back to pre-windows XP, create a virtual environment, scan through every file, and use command prompt to kill em manually" -E. Lewis

"I have no idea what that means" -E. Villanueva

"I'm a fetching god" -E. Lewis

"Whelp I'm glad I taught you some humility there" - E. Villanueva

**two hours later**

"That is the cleanest flash drive I have ever seen" -E. Villanueva

Afterwards we ate wendy's, got real milk, worked, and elder Lewis just got his 11th baptism. And I am not a good trainer. I am horrible at teaching tagalog and I fall behind with some expectations that Heavenly Father might want for me. Also I should teach my anak a lil bit more humility. But we work. We strive to get the job done and at the end of the day we pray together and hope that we've done enough. And my spiritual thought for the week is this. after all we've done, remember to pray to do better with every new day.

-Elder Villanueva
Urdaneta Philippines Mission
Quezon City North Philippines Mission

Ch 67 Where am I?

Personally I'm doing alright. A bit sad because I am almost certain that I am leaving Valenzuela ward this transfer. But all is well. it is making me work harder than I ever have to build it up and continually make it into the best ward I know. I am also really happy this week. Like unbelievably happy this week. on monday I had a very good email session, let's leave it at that. Tuesday we worked and found a few golden people. Wednesday. same thing. Thursday, we unexpectedly had 4 dinner appointments after our investigators accepted a bap date. and friday was baptizing some good friends. Saturday was a lot of teaching. and sunday was a lot of reaping in the harvest. Overall great week!

Also my stake president here in Valenzuela is dope af, like 10/10 inspiring, fun, helps everyone out. it just needed to be mentioned.

This week I let Elder Lewis lead a lot more. Anyway after finding a great family, he decided, you know what? let's go take this way! maybe it's a shortcut to our next appointment. So we walked and walked and walked.
Until we reached the end of the road. But right when the road was about to end, we saw an esquinita (small passageway through an extremely narrow dirty path). Naturally we went through it and we ended up on the NLEX (national highway system).
"Elder Lewis, where do we go from here?"
"let's keep walking!"

and immediately a guy came out of a van and yelled at us and walked toward us. and there's me thinking
"oh geez, did we do something bawal. I swear if I go in a filipino jail you will never lead again"

"hey Elders! I'm the ward mission leader in the neighboring ward, you should probably head back, because if you keep going there's a police outpost over there that will arrest you" -Bro. Dimatulac
"Thank you Bro. Dimatulac!" -E. Villanueva
"What's he say?" -E. Lewis
"We should probably turn back" -E. Villanueva

so we did and Elder Lewis continued to lead.

"Let's go through esquinita #2!" -E. Lewis

And then suddenly we found ourselves in a strange swampy pond thing. We took some pictures and then noticed an amphibious cat leave the green murky water.

"You know elder, we should probably keep going" -E. Villanueva
"so sad, okay." -E. Lewis

Eventually our shortcut became a 2-hour detour but we had a really fun time.

And we got lost to a lot of other places... let's just leave it at that.

-Elder Villanueva
Urdaneta Philippines Mission
Quezon City North Philippines Mission


Personally I think life is good. I feel very happy and Elder Lewis and I are sowing more for next transfer on whoever will be here. In fairness this week, I have little to nothing to say. it has been a fairly average week. Zone interview was inspiring as always, and Elder Cook has taught us a more loving way to teach Lesson 3 and we are experimenting every day to teach it with the same power as he did last wednesday. 

As a companionship we are getting a little tired of each other but we are working nonetheless and laughing way too much. Like I don't know how to explain this. I am a fairly happy elder. Elder Lewis is a very happy Elder. and we complement each others happiness. We need to be separated because we are laughing too much. Like we slept at 11:30 last night because even though were already in bed by 10:30. We just kept laughing. and saying jokes. I mean it's nice. But quite frankly my cheeks are hurting a lot from the laughter and joy we experience everyday and I am afraid that after one more transfer of this we will both look like we had botox injected in our cheeks from the happiness we are experiencing. It's a happy problem to have. 

Fun stories. 

The Title of this post is inspired by my zone leader yelling at weekly numbers.

This happened yesterday at church. #fastestbaptismofmylife
"Hey John Carlo what's up?" -E. Villanueva
"I'm doing good, this is my friend Eric" -John Carlo
"That's so dope, how old is he?" -E. Villanueva
"12yrs old! he's actually been going to church for a while! and he loves missionaries" -John Carlo
"Oh that's sweet! is it okay if we come over and teach you sometime Eric?" -E. Villanueva
"yeah sure! can you teach John Carlo too! because he's not baptized" -Eric
"Wait what!?!?! John Carlo!! you've been going to church for like months!!! are your parents baptized?" -E. Villanueva
"nope" -John Carlo
"who brings you to church, you're like 10 years old!" -E. Villanueva
"I like it here. it feels special. And I love primary. So I always go to church." -John Carlo
"What the flip alright we'll teach you tomorrow is that okay?" -E. Villanueva
"yeah but we live 3 km away if that's fine?" -Eric
"Are you telling me you've been walking 3km every sunday to go to church for the last few months and you haven't been baptized?" -E. Villanueva
"yeah." -John Carlo
"is it okay if we baptize both of you?" -E. Villanueva
"yeah I'd like that" -John Carlo

Thanks God. I love God. God is so great. He's a real one. That's my spiritual thought of the day. God is a real one. He's dope. 10/10 great guy. I encourage you missionaries to use that during a lesson. it surprisingly works. 

In other news. We subconsciously convinced an entire ward to DAB during a christmas party. Yes that's DAB. we had a party extravaganza for one of our housemates. I am learning how to play the ukulele. we will have 3 baptisms next week and an upcoming 9 within the next 3 weeks. I recently rebinded my PMG to look dope. it now looks dope. Stay tuned next week for thanksgiving shenanigans, binyaged na, at iba pa sa TV PATROL! (and many more in TV PATROL)

-Elder Villanueva
Urdaneta Philippines Mission
Quezon City North Philippines Mission