The Longer Ones

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Ch 67 Where am I?

Personally I'm doing alright. A bit sad because I am almost certain that I am leaving Valenzuela ward this transfer. But all is well. it is making me work harder than I ever have to build it up and continually make it into the best ward I know. I am also really happy this week. Like unbelievably happy this week. on monday I had a very good email session, let's leave it at that. Tuesday we worked and found a few golden people. Wednesday. same thing. Thursday, we unexpectedly had 4 dinner appointments after our investigators accepted a bap date. and friday was baptizing some good friends. Saturday was a lot of teaching. and sunday was a lot of reaping in the harvest. Overall great week!

Also my stake president here in Valenzuela is dope af, like 10/10 inspiring, fun, helps everyone out. it just needed to be mentioned.

This week I let Elder Lewis lead a lot more. Anyway after finding a great family, he decided, you know what? let's go take this way! maybe it's a shortcut to our next appointment. So we walked and walked and walked.
Until we reached the end of the road. But right when the road was about to end, we saw an esquinita (small passageway through an extremely narrow dirty path). Naturally we went through it and we ended up on the NLEX (national highway system).
"Elder Lewis, where do we go from here?"
"let's keep walking!"

and immediately a guy came out of a van and yelled at us and walked toward us. and there's me thinking
"oh geez, did we do something bawal. I swear if I go in a filipino jail you will never lead again"

"hey Elders! I'm the ward mission leader in the neighboring ward, you should probably head back, because if you keep going there's a police outpost over there that will arrest you" -Bro. Dimatulac
"Thank you Bro. Dimatulac!" -E. Villanueva
"What's he say?" -E. Lewis
"We should probably turn back" -E. Villanueva

so we did and Elder Lewis continued to lead.

"Let's go through esquinita #2!" -E. Lewis

And then suddenly we found ourselves in a strange swampy pond thing. We took some pictures and then noticed an amphibious cat leave the green murky water.

"You know elder, we should probably keep going" -E. Villanueva
"so sad, okay." -E. Lewis

Eventually our shortcut became a 2-hour detour but we had a really fun time.

And we got lost to a lot of other places... let's just leave it at that.

-Elder Villanueva
Urdaneta Philippines Mission
Quezon City North Philippines Mission

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