The Longer Ones

Monday, February 17, 2020

Ch 130-131 #Find100

Phase 1 out of 5 has been completed. Elder Hill and I created a plan that we call "Go Big Then Go Home." A few transfers ago, or maybe it was last transfer President Welch mentioned something. He told us, "wouldn't it be great if everyone's covenant path looked like yours? or if it was completely full? imagine those missionaries! they would be motivated to go out there ... and at that point, the work would just perpetuate itself" (this is paraphrased). So we created a 5 step plan to achieve this. Elder Hill and I, multiple times in our missions have done that: completed the covenant path (this means having at least 5 investigators at all times with a baptism date within the next 2 weeks, keeping all the commandments and has gone to church at least 4 times, at least 8 additional investigators with a baptism date and gone to church at least twice, and 12 additional investigators going to church). It is exceedingly rare that 2 missionaries who've done that are together as companions, so we planned and created a way for an entire zone to do it. All at the same time. We didn't mention it before because we didn't know if it's possible yet, but so far so good.

Phase 1: find 100 NPT in each companionship to revive each area. We discovered after a few attempts of completing the covenant path, it can only be successful if a missionary companionship successfully finds 20-25 NPT every week for 5 weeks. if they don't hit at least 20, it is improbable for them to get there. We decided to do it all in 1 week. (I don't have a lot of time left, we had to kick it up a notch). This requires tremendous faith. And a lot of Follow-up and great leadership. And this is my last transfer. So we did it. As a zone, we found 1339 New Investigators. Averaging at 21 lessons each day per companionship for 7 days straight. Each day our zone taught about 200 new people.

Phase 2: Follow-up and commitments. 20 SMA for each companionship. I'll tell you next week how that goes. for now ingat!!

Oh, we also had 3 baptisms this past week. it was neat

-Elder Villanueva

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Ch 128-129 Snails

share ko lang there's a lot of snails and frogs in our area. yup that's about it. Oh and we baptized a few times. it was alright. 

-Elder Villanueva
Tayo Na Pilipinas! (Let's Go Philippines!)