The Longer Ones

Monday, February 25, 2019

Ch 80 Chubby Bunnies

This week was a bit harder than others, but we'll get better I promise for now let's look at bunnies

I'll just let the pictures tell the rest

Monday, February 18, 2019

Ch 79 Calling People and Being a Dork

Because of this I am happy.

nothing new happened, we baptized a muslim couple. Life is good

Monday, February 11, 2019

Ch 78 Valentine's Day Trashy Memes

As a companionship we're having a fun time!! we're happy and working as hard as we can. last week we baptized an adult man named Ronnie. He is super fun and we are so proud of him because I haven't seen a more sincere and true conversion than his. He's excited to take temple prep classes and we're just so happy to have found him. This coming week we have two more baptisms. This time a Muslim couple, we are again very excited and hope and pray all goes well. so far... so good (;

In the ward all is well and we are happy here. We are finding more new investigators and we are also looking for more ways to make our area better than it was before. by finding shortcuts, finding more members, and whatnot. There were a few scary things that happened throughout the week but nothing too bad.

This week's snippets of fun

a temple trip! I saw my uncle. Gave him a hug. It's been a while since I saw family.

I'm comparing a picture of me at the MTC and my picture at the MTC today... wow I got skinny.

Baptismal water is cold and is a big step but you know they're ready when they tell you this in a baptismal font, "I've done what I can to be clean, I am ready to take upon myself this covenant and be cleansed and really change."

"whoa this miilkshake has an ice cream and milk base! I love it!!"

"Elder I think we just passed by a murder... let's walk faster."

"Elder Villanueva you remind me of a Winnie the Pooh that has seen too many things"
"Yeah I get that a lot"

Also some Valentines Memes of the week

There are a million more memes on google but I'm running out of time sorry!!! Miss y'all and have fun on Valentine's day!!

-Elder Villanueva

Monday, February 4, 2019

Ch 77 Trying too hard

You know that feeling when you're trying too hard? I think I'm trying too hard with these emails sometimes. meh it's whatever. Or maybe I'm trying too hard to be funny? like right now I'm thinking of a story to tell y'all but you know I've got nothing. like this week was a normal week. We worked. We visited. We got people to church. We taught. We ate. We were happy. We were sad. I am still too dang tired. And like we have funny jokes every now and then but nothing out of the ordinary. here are some pictures.

Making a castle after one of my shopping trips
I asked Elder Bjornn to draw 3 things that he believes represents who I am. He chose (from right to left)
1.) Oski the mascot for UC Berkeley (he looks like an old bear who has seen too much but smiles through it)
2.) A quagsire (a lazy blue Pokemon that does absolutely nothing but smile)
3.) Koro-Sensei (main character in an anime called Assassination Classroom who torments while teaches kids how to murder people. An incredible teacher)
I organized a mini MTC and this is us finding 50 new investigators in a day
Our district. we look like dorks
Pretty maybe?

Elder Villanueva
Quezon City North Philippines Mission
Urdaneta Philippines Mission