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Monday, February 4, 2019

Ch 77 Trying too hard

You know that feeling when you're trying too hard? I think I'm trying too hard with these emails sometimes. meh it's whatever. Or maybe I'm trying too hard to be funny? like right now I'm thinking of a story to tell y'all but you know I've got nothing. like this week was a normal week. We worked. We visited. We got people to church. We taught. We ate. We were happy. We were sad. I am still too dang tired. And like we have funny jokes every now and then but nothing out of the ordinary. here are some pictures.

Making a castle after one of my shopping trips
I asked Elder Bjornn to draw 3 things that he believes represents who I am. He chose (from right to left)
1.) Oski the mascot for UC Berkeley (he looks like an old bear who has seen too much but smiles through it)
2.) A quagsire (a lazy blue Pokemon that does absolutely nothing but smile)
3.) Koro-Sensei (main character in an anime called Assassination Classroom who torments while teaches kids how to murder people. An incredible teacher)
I organized a mini MTC and this is us finding 50 new investigators in a day
Our district. we look like dorks
Pretty maybe?

Elder Villanueva
Quezon City North Philippines Mission
Urdaneta Philippines Mission

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