The Longer Ones

Monday, January 28, 2019

Ch 76 Not a Lot to Say

Personally, I'm feeling more content with what I have. It's a bit bad. I should work harder. I'm letting comfort stop me from working, it's probably why I haven't been as happy as I could've been. I will work harder this week and be more annoying and find more. I'm sorry if I being too comfortable, I will do better I promise. Also my birthday is almost here. it's exciting, except it's not. I don't think I will feel any different, and it'll still be a good working day. I promise you I won't be as happy as those kids inside a McDonalds Birthday room, but I will be at least happier than a random guy discovering a 20 peso bill in a jeepney seat

As a companionship life is well I've been making Elder Bjornn feel better than normal. I mean idk I wasn't the best follow-up trainer. I expected a lot from him and I made it abundantly clear when he has disappointed me... in his teaching... in his navigation... and in his Tagalog. I was mean I am sorry. But we're in a healthy middle now where we are happy and good with one another.

Not a lot of stories this week I'm sorry. just driving and driving and driving. And so far so good.

-Elder Villanueva
Quezon City North Philippines Mission
Urdaneta Philippines Mission

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