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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

CH 69 "ON FIRE!!!!"

The title is from Elder Wakolo. He visited our mission a few days ago and said that we were, "ON FIRE!!!"

Anyways. I am not too sure what to share.

I am alive. All is well. I am transferring and leaving Valenzuela. I am going to Sampaguita Ward in Novaliches Stake and I am excited!

I am not too sure what'll happen there but it'll be cool.

I am getting a bit tired though so this email will be short. I love you guys. you are awesome and even though I might be far away sometimes, you mean a lot to me. you inspired me in one way or another to be here and I am thankful that because of you, I am able to experience being a missionary and inviting others to come unto Christ.

-Baptism on Sunday (idk why but Ronaldo looks a lot like me on this picture)
-Baptism on Saturday (the 10 yr old boy is John Eric from a few weeks back, he's baptized now)
-Valenzuela Christmas Decor @ People's Park (thank you so much Mayor Rex Gatchalian for being the best mayor in the Philippines, I will vote for you, Yes I am supporting a political figure as a missionary because he is a dope mayor)
-Monopoly Trees (I think they're funny because they say puns as I walk near them)
-"Tayo na, Valenzuela!" (Let's go Valenzuela!)
-More Christmas Decor
-A ponderful game of chess
-Being maarte

-Elder Villanueva
Urdaneta Philippines Mission
Quezon City North Philippines Mission

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