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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Ch 75 Close Calls

Sampaguita ward is fun! we get fed, we had a miniMTC that helped out the youth and help us find more investigators, and it's a fun area. sometimes though because of our finding strategies it's a bit hard because everyone we meet have real world problems. not small problems that kids often have. Since everyone we are teaching are adults, each problem is a fairly hard problem. From abusive husbands to illegal substances to cohabitating relationships to suicidal depression. Sampaguita ward is an emotionally draining area, and I am tired after working each day. It's a good day! it's always a good day, just a hard day is all.

Fun stories
So last week Elder Bjornn had massive diarrhea. Like President it was bad. I am convinced he had more CR trips everyday than we had ITA's for that day. Which is pretty impressive. Anyway on sunday we just finished extending a Bapt Date (which he accepted by the way) when Elder Bjornn whispered something in my ear.

"Elder It's Gophering.... I gotta go"
"How bad do you think it's gonna be?"
"Like the dam is about to burst Elder I gotta go"
"You just went 30 minutes ago, are you sure?"
"I gotta go"

Now being the overplanning evil follow-up trainer that I am. I knew this was going to happen which is why I carefully planned our last appointment to be a 4 Km walk from our apartment.

Elder Bjornn speeds up his walking, I laugh and catch up cuz it's not even at Elder Lewis' walking speed yet. But then we entered Bankers 1 Subd. Bankers is a very very creepy subdivision at night. there are 2 cemeteries in the subdivision, 3/4th of all the houses there are abandoned. Pigs goats and sheep wander aimlessly through it, and there are little to no lamp posts. When there is, it is always flickering.

Anyway out of sheer desperation from Elder Bjornn's anus, he decides to take a shortcut through bankers. we take it and almost immediately we knew it was  a mistake. Elder Bjornn tells it's good so in case there's an emergency he has privacy but as soon as we entered bankers we knew we weren't meant to be there. immediately it became dangerously quiet.

It was too quiet. it didn't make sense. Elder Bjornn whistled to break the silence and a few dogs howled near us.

"Stop whistling Elder!"

And then it happened. all the dogs stopped barking and they all looked in the distance. no one was there, but it's like they saw something coming closer to us. We see nothing, but hear heavy footsteps. and a low ominous growl. Elder Bjornn and I walk faster and closer together and soon we were out of the subdivision.

Soon enough we were home. After Elder Bjornn's long explosive experience in the CR we talked about it and we still don't know what it was but whatever it was, it trying to keep us in the forest. That night we had to relock all the doors because for some reason we heard them unlock in the middle of the night, we then said a prayer and then went to bed. 

-Elder Villanueva
Quezon City North Philippines Mission
Urdaneta Philippines Mission

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