The Longer Ones

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Ch 102 When the City Hits

Okay, deep talk. What is in Quezon City Mission?

So one of my siblings told me that so far it seems like nothing ever changed. like life is still okay and what-not. And it's true!!! life is awesome. I learn to laugh differently every day. And it is hilarious. People here are absolutely lovely and they all love and care about God. But it is a little different kind of scenery. So usually when people think of the Philippines they google and pictures of Boracay or Coron or 100 islands pop up. Whelp my area is a little bit more colorful than that. it has 50 shades of gray, a surprising amount of trees and skyscrapers! (yes we also proselyte in skyscrapers) it's so cool!!! here are some pictures! of our view from one of the areas (;
wasn't that such an ugly way to smile!? I love it!!! Apparently, people like it whenever we make ugly faces so we've been really practicing haha (luckily it's not too much work hahaha). 

Ummm life is good. We've been finding a lot of families lately! like it's so crazy!! it's working out so well!! who knew talking to people would work! anyway to find more investigators we find our ways into a really dense area where a lot of people are. So what is it... I lost my train of thought. oh yeah! I tried to walk as fast as I can through one of our areas it's called Letre! It's such a fun place! it's a maze and sorry if it's long, it's cuz that was my first time going through it. I have a long video of me going through it with Elder Kunkel but maybe another time.

Anyway, I am happy. Eating well, working out, teaching, studying, just doing what I know is right and that's all I could ask for. What about you? how are you doing?

-Elder Villanueva
Tayo Na Pilipinas! (Let's Go Philippines!)

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Ch 101 Seeing Their Potential

So lemme tell you about Elder Fowles. This guy is amazing at Tagalog dad jokes. But more than that I admire and appreciate his ability to switch between jokes to an actual principle and testifying. a few days ago we were walking down the street we were walking and saying some jokes to street kids when out of nowhere Elder Fowles hears something. Someone calls him by name. Now at this point (having a bad mindset), I thought it was someone making fun of us or a crazy person so I ignored it and kept talking to the kids. and then 5 minutes pass. Then another 5 minutes. I realize this person is ready to hear the Gospel. Elder Fowles and I are led to her house and we teach their entire family. It was strange. Because I know I was in a bad mindset, but the spirit we felt in that house, the joy and peace we felt in that house was greater than anything I felt in a long while. I can't believe I was about to ignore that... luckily my companion, not with his words, but with his example, showed me that everyone has that divine potential.

I am feeling happier, had a few rough weeks, but now I'm happy. I'm so proud to be here, and I know that as long as we have a good mindset we will never be led astray.

-Elder Villanueva
Tayo Na Pilipinas! (Let's Go Philippines!)

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Ch 100 A Lot of Fowles

Not much happened this past week.

Let's see here... 
-Got a new companion, his name is Elder Fowles (Hence the title). He's pretty funny and he's an incredibly good missionary. He's just a little bit over a year in the mission but he's brilliant. His teaching skills are incredible and he likes my walking. So far we're getting along.
-Went to the temple. It was neat! for the past few weeks, I've been trying to read my patriarchal blessing at least 3 times a week and since then I feel like I've been understanding more and more of what Heavenly Father wants me to do... And going to the temple today solidifies more of His love for us.
-It's rare to find someone more talkative than I am, but I am impressed because Elder Fowles has been pushing me to talk more than I'm used to haha. It's been really fun and more than that he's been a great help with helping find new investigators. 
-Gave a few presentations about life. it was cool. Maybe one day I'll record it or something.
-found peeps, worked, slept, fixed a few Rubik's cubes. It's life.

-Elder Villanueva
Tayo Na Pilipinas! (Let's Go Philippines!)

Monday, July 8, 2019

Ch 99 Trial of your Faith

When first decided to go on a mission (Philippines Pangasinan area), I did it because I thought it was the right thing to do. Because "God" told me to. I didn't expect I would actually get to know Him. I didn't expect I would learn the Atonement in a more personal way than I've ever thought possible.

The second time I decided to go on a mission (Philippines Bulacan area), I went because I know that Jesus Christ never gave up on me... Even when I thought he should've... He never let me go. so I did my best. And I never gave up on Him.

The third time, here in (Philippines, Capitol Region), I thought that things would be more or else the same from my other missions. I didn't expect to learn something my Mother thought was impossible. 

Whenever we ask God to give us strength, or whenever we ask God for peace, or whenever we ask God for patience, do you know what you're asking for? Rather than immediate bigger muscles or a koi fish, He gives us opportunities to find strength, to find peace, to find patience. He gives us time to practice it, for us to learn it for ourselves. You want strength? He will show you, someone, who is weak, who will need your strength to press on. You want peace? He will show you an oasis, and He will give us the option of choosing if we're willing. You want patience? He will give you something or in some cases someone worth waiting for. 

In my entire existence in this world. My parents knew me as quirky, strange, studious, happy, annoying, and flat-out weird. But they never knew me as anyone mature. Well lately it's been something I've been praying about and I thought it would be a gift that would instantaneously arrive. I did not expect trials or setbacks, and then it happened. 

I guess what I'm saying is don't be afraid of trials, because I know that there is a divine plan for them. For us to learn more Christ-like attributes. That the most perfect person in the world went through a lot of crap too. Jesus Christ and His Servants were despised for the truth. They were spat upon, tortured, beaten, for doing what's right. So if there's ever a time you feel tired. or lost. or in pain. or beaten. Don't you dare forget that He went through that too? He cares about you. He gives us trials because he loves us. 

I'm not a mature person. I'm trying. God, I'm trying. I know I'm not as tactful as I ought to be. I know I haven't mastered my emotions. But dang it, it's a process. I'm trying to learn. I know I've got a long way to go, but bit by bit. I'll get there. 

In other news, we baptized 2 people last week. I finally my 50th. and we found this pretty cool investigator lemme tell you about him.

Chris. He's our investigator that won't be baptized for another 2-3 months. Our Mission President said that because of his situation he would need to wait for 3 months and read the entire Book of Mormon before being interviewed to be baptized, so we went over to his house to explain the situation. At first, we were scared and nervous about how he's going to react, we did our best to let him down gently saying his baptismal date needs to be extended. But anyway this is what he said.
"That's it? it's okay Elders! I wanna finish the Book of Mormon, but can you help me?"
"Sure Chris! even if we have to read every day with you, we'll do whatever it takes"
I'm really happy for him, He's a kind kid. So much has already changed from when we first visited him... he's growing up to be a really good person, and though he has to wait I'm happy that I get to see his growth even more.

-Elder Villanueva
Tayo Na Pilipinas! (Let's Go Philippines!)