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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Ch 102 When the City Hits

Okay, deep talk. What is in Quezon City Mission?

So one of my siblings told me that so far it seems like nothing ever changed. like life is still okay and what-not. And it's true!!! life is awesome. I learn to laugh differently every day. And it is hilarious. People here are absolutely lovely and they all love and care about God. But it is a little different kind of scenery. So usually when people think of the Philippines they google and pictures of Boracay or Coron or 100 islands pop up. Whelp my area is a little bit more colorful than that. it has 50 shades of gray, a surprising amount of trees and skyscrapers! (yes we also proselyte in skyscrapers) it's so cool!!! here are some pictures! of our view from one of the areas (;
wasn't that such an ugly way to smile!? I love it!!! Apparently, people like it whenever we make ugly faces so we've been really practicing haha (luckily it's not too much work hahaha). 

Ummm life is good. We've been finding a lot of families lately! like it's so crazy!! it's working out so well!! who knew talking to people would work! anyway to find more investigators we find our ways into a really dense area where a lot of people are. So what is it... I lost my train of thought. oh yeah! I tried to walk as fast as I can through one of our areas it's called Letre! It's such a fun place! it's a maze and sorry if it's long, it's cuz that was my first time going through it. I have a long video of me going through it with Elder Kunkel but maybe another time.

Anyway, I am happy. Eating well, working out, teaching, studying, just doing what I know is right and that's all I could ask for. What about you? how are you doing?

-Elder Villanueva
Tayo Na Pilipinas! (Let's Go Philippines!)

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