The Longer Ones

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Ch 63 Trunky day

The story I have isn't necessarily the funniest thing, but it was interesting. Let's call it chill day.
Last sunday we decided we were going to have a chill day. We've been working so hard it's burning us out so we planned no appointments or anything special on sunday except church and a dinner appointment. THAT'S WHAT WE HAD PLANNED. I'm such a bad trainer I know. But let's just say God had other plans for us.

Woke up. Like always, staying woke. at 6:30. Woke up my companion then we got a call not even 5 minutes after from an unknown number.

**Ring Ring**
"Hi Elders, you don't know me but I went to last night and was wondering if you could teach me before church and show me where it is so I can go to church" (an investigator I've never met)
"Oh cool okay, how's 7:30am sound and we can meet at Mcdo?" (Me)
"Sweet see you then!" (the investigator)
**hangs up**
"Elder! get out of bed we got an appointment in an hour!"

So we taught an appointment before church then showed them the church. After Sacrament we decided rest in the empty sacrament hall when all of the sudden another phone call (an unknown number again).

**Ring Ring**
"God is this you? I am so sorry we were resting" (Me)
"aaheeemmm this is Sister Caro, our phone is dead so this is Bishop's phone, can you come over GenT ward and interview some baptismal candidates" (Sis. Caro)
"Okay cool, on the way" (me)
**Hangs up**

Immediately we sprinted and got to their chapel in 30 minutes. We did a few interviews and now we are cutting it pretty tight to go to church. We got on a jeep, and are on our way to church when lo and behold

**Ring Ring**
"Elders! we need your help, we're about to be evicted" (our Recent Converts)
"What!?" (me)
"Driver! stop right here" (Me towards the jeep driver)
"On the way!" (me)
**hangs up**

Apparently they need $40 or else the entire family will be evicted. Of course we are not allowed to give money away, but we care about them. We didn't give them money but bore our testimony to the landlord and they were given an extension on their debts. and we consoled them and asked them to go to church to meet with bishop. We all went to church

We are at church. and after 3 hours we finish church... okay.

"Elder Lewis, you know what? let's wait. give it 5 minutes God will ask us to go somewhere. Just wait for it. oh you just wait" (Me)
"I just want to rest and die" (Elder Lewis)

And we got a text! from one of our progressing investigators

"Good evening Elders, my father is in town and I think your message can really benefit him, is it okay if you come over and teach us the restoration in English?"

And off we went. after which to a few more appointments until our dinner appointment at 8:00. and our Chill day was overall chill.

Jesus Christ lives, God is there for us. And even when it doesn't seem like it at times, oh He is there. And trying to comprehend Him or find Him might make your head spin at times.  But He is there and He loves us and cares about us and I promise that even in days that we tired, and especially in days that we don't want to, He is there and He continually pushes us to do what we need to do.

Oh yeah and we got a few baptisms that were pretty dope. I saw a few people get shot. And a storm is about to murder our area like always. #10/10woulddoagain

-Elder Villanueva
Mission whaaaat? 2017-2020
Quezon Bulacan Pangasinan yaasss
Your favorite dingus with a nametag                                                                                                     

Ch 62 Distracted

I don't really have much stories right now actually. it's a very vanilla week. In fairness a lot of things happened, I just don't have a lot of time and I'm still thinking about it.

Speaking of Vanilla, I owe someone some Ice cream. it's one of those problems.
7/11 has good ice cream

Oh we also had MTC exchanges the other day. They looked so young. They haven't even witnessed their first murder yet. Ahhhh so young.

We also had 4 baptisms, they were a nice family. I wonder if the water was cold.
Maybe they liked it cold.

My companion likes making memes and calling everyone thottie while dabbing to the sound of cats.

I walk fast but Elder Lewis walks faster. it burns my calves.

I should name my calves one day. "oblong bean" would work.

We also almost fell off a jeep. it was quite exciting. we didnt fall off though

yup no more time, nothing too much to say, I guess I was a bit distracted today.

-Elder Villanueva
Urdaneta Philippines Mission
Quezon City North Philippines Mission

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Ch 61 A Light in the Dark

I'm doing alright. A little bit busier so I can't put out the level of work I want to but overall life is good. As a companionship I need to be a better teacher. I am making him experience a lot of new things on his own, but I need to be a better teacher in Tagalog and need to continually ask "what can I do to be better?" I know that there are times when he probably doesn't appreciate it, but it's alright. As long as the ward continues to flourish and he is still diligent, all will be well. There are also a lot of times that we goof around, but don't worry we still work and we don't let it interfere with the people we teach. As a kabahayship we are doing really great. We have this running gag where Elder Lutz is an Actor, I am a Character, Elder Haight is a smiling Emoji, while Elder Lewis is an interactive Meme. We are running a very happy house.

Now the fun part... Some stories!!!!

This week we had the great pleasure of inviting Dilim to our apartment. Dilim means darkness in Tagalog and basically we had a blackout..... we had no electricity or clean laundry or none rotting meats and we had a fantastic desirous experience.

I remember I woke up at probably 4:30am and I said to myself
"My bed is soaked.... it's so hot"
I looked around and I noticed a silence. But more than that a quietness.
It was so quiet. I think I heard my companion fart in his sleep.
Nope nevermind it was just Elder Lewis waking up a little bit too
"Elder Lewis! you awake?"
"yeah" (in a groggy voice that sounds like absolute death)
"I'll check the power"

And you know what I found? something very peculiar. We went outside and everyone had power except our apartment complex and then I see it. In the corner of my eye... a vampire.

I'm just kidding, but I did see a hole in the wall. I didn't think much of it and we just decided to try our best to go back to bed.

6:30 comes around and we talk to our ZL's.
"Y'all don't have power too?" (our ZL's)
"yeah... same with the Jehovah's Witnesses next door"

And then comes the real investigation.

And apparently.... apparently... someone stole.... the transformer.... for our apartment complex.
"That is the ghetto-est thing I've ever heard." (Elder Lewis)
"Welcome to the Philippines" (Elder Villanueva)

Speaking of transformers, in the same way that Optimus Prime and his merry men of Autobots can lead us to salvation from the Decepticons, Jesus Christ is the only way we can be led in the right path. (I was really trying on that transition). Last week we were blessed to listen to General Conference and whether or not you've listened to it,I ask that you watch or hear it. My favorite was saturday afternoon session and I hope you watch that one first. And I know that because we have apostles and prophets today, the Heaven is still open, Heavenly Father still loves us, and if we try just a little bit to listen. You will never feel lost again. Even if sometimes you might feel like you're in the dark. Through Him, You never really are. 

-Elder Villanueva
Urdaneta Philippines Mission
Quezon City North Philippines Mission

Ch 60 Gardens

Lately I've been pondering about Gardens.
A lot of times we worry about struggle and stress and heartaches but whenever I do, I look back on times I feel the most peace. Personally I look back and remember a nice drive with a good friend of mine, or just sitting in a park with my dog. And when I was reading my scriptures the other day. I realize (or maybe it's just me being dumb but) I think God does that too. Have you noticed that the most dramatic and influential events in history did not happen in a war. Did not happen in a fancy room with papers flying everywhere. But it happened in a Garden.
The Garden of Eden - Where we left the presence of God to have the freedom to choose
The Garden of Gethsemane - Where Jesus paid for our sins and experienced the Atonement
The Garden Tomb - Where Jesus overcame death and was resurrected for all of us
These events are sacred, peaceful, and necessary for us to be happy. Yeah sure we stress about those little worldly things, but if we take the time. Even by doing something as small as reading the scriptures and praying, it will be sweet. Our testimonies can grow stronger. Let your garden grow. To gain a testimony you don't need a lot. sometimes. a lot of times, you only need to go to your backyard.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Ch 59 Small Simple Things

I believe we should appreciate the small and simple things in life. And because of that, that is exactly how I'm training my Anak in the mission. we've been appreciating every miracle and thanking everyone for anything and everything good that happens. And because of it, people's attitudes can also change to feel more gratitude in their lives. Sometimes that we don't have enough or that we need more. But that is contrary to a simple truth that we learned, that even though we have so many problems in life sometimes, if we feel grateful for the things we do have and remember those small more important things in life that we do have, we will feel peace. We will be happy, and we can keep going.

Today no funny stories just funny quotes. First off some quotes from my District
"cremation is my last chance for a smoking hot body" -Elder Lewis
"weh-weh" -Elder Haight
"This milkshake is so good I wanna sew my butt shut" -Elder Villanueva
"Don't call me Big Cupcake" -Sister Caro
"Manok? Chicken yes" -Sister Ng Wun
"Dito na tayo, dito na kayo, dito na kami sa harap ng Chicken Deli" - Sister Eaton
"oyminyoy minyoy!" -Elder Lutz

Now some funny quotes from the P90X video we watch every morning to workout
"Make stinkin contact elbow thigh!"
"Now that's the face of a girl, That's working hard"
"Keep your legs straight! Together!"
"Get your butt in the air! get your butt in the air!"
"They're workin hard I know you are!"
"yeah Jason's the rip king!
"And a bonus he's a mad man"
"We might even do some extra!"
"Adam's a hotshot!"
"that's mah brother"
"Mermaid wiggles!"
"Tip of the day, don't do this everyday, you don't need it!"
"imagine doing a hundred of em, 25 isn't so bad"
"this isn't ab ripper 100 or 200, this is ab ripper 339"
"Don't hit my hands!"
"Change when you hear the number only!"
"I know it burns! get em up!"
"If you need a break, take it"
"Let's finish up with the kids"
"See what I'm doing, This is wrong"
"How do you feel that day!"
"That is harder!"
"Let's climb our legs"
"The closer your foot is to your butt, the harder it is"

We also had 2 baptisms, it was cool.

-Elder Villanueva
Urdaneta Philippines Mission
Quezon City North Philippines Mission