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Monday, October 1, 2018

Ch 59 Small Simple Things

I believe we should appreciate the small and simple things in life. And because of that, that is exactly how I'm training my Anak in the mission. we've been appreciating every miracle and thanking everyone for anything and everything good that happens. And because of it, people's attitudes can also change to feel more gratitude in their lives. Sometimes that we don't have enough or that we need more. But that is contrary to a simple truth that we learned, that even though we have so many problems in life sometimes, if we feel grateful for the things we do have and remember those small more important things in life that we do have, we will feel peace. We will be happy, and we can keep going.

Today no funny stories just funny quotes. First off some quotes from my District
"cremation is my last chance for a smoking hot body" -Elder Lewis
"weh-weh" -Elder Haight
"This milkshake is so good I wanna sew my butt shut" -Elder Villanueva
"Don't call me Big Cupcake" -Sister Caro
"Manok? Chicken yes" -Sister Ng Wun
"Dito na tayo, dito na kayo, dito na kami sa harap ng Chicken Deli" - Sister Eaton
"oyminyoy minyoy!" -Elder Lutz

Now some funny quotes from the P90X video we watch every morning to workout
"Make stinkin contact elbow thigh!"
"Now that's the face of a girl, That's working hard"
"Keep your legs straight! Together!"
"Get your butt in the air! get your butt in the air!"
"They're workin hard I know you are!"
"yeah Jason's the rip king!
"And a bonus he's a mad man"
"We might even do some extra!"
"Adam's a hotshot!"
"that's mah brother"
"Mermaid wiggles!"
"Tip of the day, don't do this everyday, you don't need it!"
"imagine doing a hundred of em, 25 isn't so bad"
"this isn't ab ripper 100 or 200, this is ab ripper 339"
"Don't hit my hands!"
"Change when you hear the number only!"
"I know it burns! get em up!"
"If you need a break, take it"
"Let's finish up with the kids"
"See what I'm doing, This is wrong"
"How do you feel that day!"
"That is harder!"
"Let's climb our legs"
"The closer your foot is to your butt, the harder it is"

We also had 2 baptisms, it was cool.

-Elder Villanueva
Urdaneta Philippines Mission
Quezon City North Philippines Mission

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