The Longer Ones

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Ch 60 Gardens

Lately I've been pondering about Gardens.
A lot of times we worry about struggle and stress and heartaches but whenever I do, I look back on times I feel the most peace. Personally I look back and remember a nice drive with a good friend of mine, or just sitting in a park with my dog. And when I was reading my scriptures the other day. I realize (or maybe it's just me being dumb but) I think God does that too. Have you noticed that the most dramatic and influential events in history did not happen in a war. Did not happen in a fancy room with papers flying everywhere. But it happened in a Garden.
The Garden of Eden - Where we left the presence of God to have the freedom to choose
The Garden of Gethsemane - Where Jesus paid for our sins and experienced the Atonement
The Garden Tomb - Where Jesus overcame death and was resurrected for all of us
These events are sacred, peaceful, and necessary for us to be happy. Yeah sure we stress about those little worldly things, but if we take the time. Even by doing something as small as reading the scriptures and praying, it will be sweet. Our testimonies can grow stronger. Let your garden grow. To gain a testimony you don't need a lot. sometimes. a lot of times, you only need to go to your backyard.

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