The Longer Ones

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ode to the 3 customers

Today was fun. A campfire, some assignments, and 3 customers.

To be frank, my memory is terrible. It is easier to learn calculus for me than to learn names but that's okay. Regardless of whether or not I do remember it, I will always remember how those experiences felt.

They were kind, friendly, and wanted water (at least for one of them). It was like every other shift but they decided to talk to me. Usually people just say hi and ignore the man on the counter because there's no reason to focus on them when there's food in front of you. However I gave them a smile and we had a conversation.

Strange. I thought my seductive anxiety would scare them away... guess not. If only they stayed long enough for the party music to really start. You see I was a multi-stake DJ when I lived in California so I have my playlist when it's time for us to make the secret menu.

I'm digressing. I can't remember where we left our conversation... maybe something about liberals or water or testimonies or life...  oh well. I might see them around.

Besides, they were kind of cute.

Friday, January 27, 2017

I Love How....

It's almost midterms.

I can already feel the prestressed stress; stressing about the stress I know I'm about to have. It's a great time! I was just reading my book and I realized I do not know anything about it. What a delightful insight! It's been 177 pages and I learned NOTHING!!!

Oh fun times... you're almost here.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ngeh Ngehh Part 2!!

Whelp this semester is hitting me pretty hard and it just started. Bring it on, I am so ready for this.

A few things have changed but I'll keep some parts a secret just for future surprise or future stories. At the moment I am taking 17.5 credits this semester (0.5 credits from maximum), an internship, and a job. ISN'T THAT SO AWESOME!

My social life is dead. Well not really, it shifted. Rather than having a social life outside of class and work, my social life exists in whatever time I have to eat, to walk to other classes, and in those times when it's not busy at work. It's a fun time! I do miss Bubbles though but that's okay.


It's a word I have to repeat over and over until I become myself again. I do it everyday and though life is demanding it is entertaining. With parties and due dates colliding, it is no wonder I am sick right now.

Last night I talked to a friends dad, who is a apparently a Junior Partner at KPMG (one of the Big 4 accounting firms in the world), and when he introduced himself I slightly died inside. It was a good death. I was really unprepared for the 22 minute conversation we were about to have, but he did convince me to become an accountant. I guess that's good.

A little bit of my indecision died in that conversation. It was a good death.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


You know it's been a while since I wrote about love. But unfortunately today I will not be writing about that kind of love.

Sometimes my parents or friends ask me about my love life or my crush and every time I say "it's okay," or "it's going," or simply saying, "it's nonexistent." I think all of those quotes are true or at least partly true. It does exist but I choose not to think about it or act on it so there is nothing to say right now.

Instead I will talk about love for friendships and family. They are da bombdiggidy. Nope, That's a lie they are more than that. My friends and family are suave, swell, slick, chill, sick, hip, it, a hit, bold, golden, funner, a stone cold stunner, a real mean mugger, cooler than the underside of my pillow, or hotter than the covers in a Los Angeles summer, so dynamite, a hypest hype, the brightest light, so zen, a ten, a gem, the creme de la creme, cool as a cucumber, smoother than butter, eye of a tiger, a little bit smug, hotter than a mug, look of a thug, a swashbuckling debonair, an X factor, capital G with the best hair, and my favorite they are super-californialistic-sexy-hella-dopeness.

Heads up I did not come up with that, those are excerpts from Watsky (a rapper with a thesaurus).

Anyway, they are incredible. I've moved a lot in my life and it led me to meet some incredible people and I'll always be grateful of them. As strange quirky and sad as my life has been at times, I still do my best to open up and make new acquaintances. I'm not going to say it was easy or hard because depending on the person it might be different so I guess it was okay. But regardless of the difficulty of my life, those people truly changed me to become a better person. Whether it was in my beliefs or in my attitude towards life, they helped me grow.

It was good for me to grow. I really needed it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Why am I in college? To get that edumacation.
Why do I need this edumacation? So I can get a job.
Why do I need a job? So I can provide for my family.

I guess college is necessary. I mean these days a bachelor's degree is essentially another High-School Diploma. Something to prove that you are more qualified than everyone else to get a job that you want/need.

I started looking at a few jobs that I might want to do, to help me choose a career and major of course, when I came across a strange job online and in Youtube (you might already know what I'm talking about). This occupation requires:
-Mobility and must be able to stand for most of the day.
-Constantly multitasking along with physical and mental exertion and should be on call 24/7.
-Excellent negotiation and interpersonal skills.
-Degrees or experience in: medicine, finance, and the culinary arts.
-Capable of handling stress in a chaotic environment.
-Able to give up all holidays for increasing workload, with a happy disposition.
-Provide an increase in meaningful connections with associates.
-And it has a non-negotiable set salary of $0,000,000.00
There are billions of candidates. And this position is called being a "Mom."

They truly are amazing. They do everything they can to help us with our lives and expect nothing in return but to have a meaningful relationship with you. That is a good way to define what a mom is. And today... It's my Mom's birthday.

I do my best to celebrate it with her but this year I can't because I need to get that edumacation. And I regret that. I know I need to study and learn but if I had the money or the chance, I would be there to celebrate it with my family. Not necessarily because I needed to be there or birthdays are the most important things in the world, but because she truly has done a lot for me and I honor her. There are countless of sleepless nights where she would wait up on me, times when I broke her down to tears, and I gave her hell through the years of my running and screaming. Though now I finally ran far enough... It led me to know how much we love her. Where right now, I desperately want to run home to all of you. I know I joke sometimes that you're not as important or that I don't love you and I am sorry. I really don't mean it and do my best to take it all back. I wanted to give you a gift but I'm too poor to give you anything right now, so I guess my gift to you is a promise. I promise to be honest and do this for my parents. Because they're the ones that helped me be here and become who I am today.

In case I won't be able to talk to them today, I hope they will read this and understand. Thank you, and happy birthday Mom!

Friday, January 6, 2017

6 More Months

That's how much time I'll be away from my family. It's going to be a while... But I promise it'll be fun. Next semester is already making me giddy with stress anxiety and excitement. Or maybe that's just the cheesecake I ate causing some weirdness, whatever. In any case, in a few days I'll be taking 5 business classes, 2 math classes, and 1 religion class. I'm gonna have fun. Or die. Let's see what happens first.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Beg Me For Consistency

Resolutions? I'm perfectly the most humble person on Earth, I don't need to change anything. 

Yeah, no, that's a lie. One of my resolutions for this year is a more consistent blogging schedule. I noticed that there are nights when I blog 1-4 times followed by weeks of unresponsive meh. Therefore I am planning to write at least once every 7 days. Check every Sunday or Monday night and there should be a new one. I promise. Well maybe not promise... that's too strong of a word. I broke last years... I didn't work out... So maybe instead of promising, I resolute?

Resolute? Sounds weird. I'll do my best.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

And So The Holidays Passed

Well not all of them. My Mom's birthday is coming up and that's really special. Why is it special?

Because she's my birthgiver.

Holidays are cool. Growing up they were the days that I tried my best to remember. Whether it was Christmas or Easter or New Years or Halloween I can remember most of them vividly. Sorry but those are the ones I celebrate consistently, not to say that other holidays are bad, I simply don't celebrate them. Back on topic, holidays started to mean other things as I grew up. When I was born till I was about four or five, I thought they were times when papabear and birthgiver gave us more things than usual. It wasn't until I was about six, that I noticed my eldest sister give a present to others in our family rather than receive. Again when I was nine, I saw us change when we experienced our first Christmas in America. I didn't get what I wanted. I distinctly remember it being the first time I wondered if we were poor. I knew we were poor at times but I think our parents did their best to hide that fact until we're older and mature enough to laugh about it. My high bar for success at the time was people in America. And for us to be here finally I didn't expect not getting what I wanted. But I shrugged it off, and eventually three years later those gifts saved me in school. It wasn't what I wanted but it was what I needed, even when I didn't know I needed them at all.

Being home it gave me a lot of time to think (and sleep, eat, watch tv, gain fat, etc.) But I didn't write because I wanted to experience things rather than being a scribe. Today I'm writing because I don't want to forget.

This Christmas, we gave them something back. Though it may not be something they need, we as siblings gave papabear and birthgiver something they might want (and hopefully need or help them in the future somehow). I'm proud of that.

This year, we struggled at times and we did things that may have brought us down. We're weird, tearful, cool, fun, random and we make mistakes. But we persevered and we're here together as a family. Guys, that's pretty awesome.