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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ngeh Ngehh Part 2!!

Whelp this semester is hitting me pretty hard and it just started. Bring it on, I am so ready for this.

A few things have changed but I'll keep some parts a secret just for future surprise or future stories. At the moment I am taking 17.5 credits this semester (0.5 credits from maximum), an internship, and a job. ISN'T THAT SO AWESOME!

My social life is dead. Well not really, it shifted. Rather than having a social life outside of class and work, my social life exists in whatever time I have to eat, to walk to other classes, and in those times when it's not busy at work. It's a fun time! I do miss Bubbles though but that's okay.


It's a word I have to repeat over and over until I become myself again. I do it everyday and though life is demanding it is entertaining. With parties and due dates colliding, it is no wonder I am sick right now.

Last night I talked to a friends dad, who is a apparently a Junior Partner at KPMG (one of the Big 4 accounting firms in the world), and when he introduced himself I slightly died inside. It was a good death. I was really unprepared for the 22 minute conversation we were about to have, but he did convince me to become an accountant. I guess that's good.

A little bit of my indecision died in that conversation. It was a good death.

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