The Longer Ones

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


You know it's been a while since I wrote about love. But unfortunately today I will not be writing about that kind of love.

Sometimes my parents or friends ask me about my love life or my crush and every time I say "it's okay," or "it's going," or simply saying, "it's nonexistent." I think all of those quotes are true or at least partly true. It does exist but I choose not to think about it or act on it so there is nothing to say right now.

Instead I will talk about love for friendships and family. They are da bombdiggidy. Nope, That's a lie they are more than that. My friends and family are suave, swell, slick, chill, sick, hip, it, a hit, bold, golden, funner, a stone cold stunner, a real mean mugger, cooler than the underside of my pillow, or hotter than the covers in a Los Angeles summer, so dynamite, a hypest hype, the brightest light, so zen, a ten, a gem, the creme de la creme, cool as a cucumber, smoother than butter, eye of a tiger, a little bit smug, hotter than a mug, look of a thug, a swashbuckling debonair, an X factor, capital G with the best hair, and my favorite they are super-californialistic-sexy-hella-dopeness.

Heads up I did not come up with that, those are excerpts from Watsky (a rapper with a thesaurus).

Anyway, they are incredible. I've moved a lot in my life and it led me to meet some incredible people and I'll always be grateful of them. As strange quirky and sad as my life has been at times, I still do my best to open up and make new acquaintances. I'm not going to say it was easy or hard because depending on the person it might be different so I guess it was okay. But regardless of the difficulty of my life, those people truly changed me to become a better person. Whether it was in my beliefs or in my attitude towards life, they helped me grow.

It was good for me to grow. I really needed it.

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