The Longer Ones

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ode to the 3 customers

Today was fun. A campfire, some assignments, and 3 customers.

To be frank, my memory is terrible. It is easier to learn calculus for me than to learn names but that's okay. Regardless of whether or not I do remember it, I will always remember how those experiences felt.

They were kind, friendly, and wanted water (at least for one of them). It was like every other shift but they decided to talk to me. Usually people just say hi and ignore the man on the counter because there's no reason to focus on them when there's food in front of you. However I gave them a smile and we had a conversation.

Strange. I thought my seductive anxiety would scare them away... guess not. If only they stayed long enough for the party music to really start. You see I was a multi-stake DJ when I lived in California so I have my playlist when it's time for us to make the secret menu.

I'm digressing. I can't remember where we left our conversation... maybe something about liberals or water or testimonies or life...  oh well. I might see them around.

Besides, they were kind of cute.

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