The Longer Ones

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Why am I in college? To get that edumacation.
Why do I need this edumacation? So I can get a job.
Why do I need a job? So I can provide for my family.

I guess college is necessary. I mean these days a bachelor's degree is essentially another High-School Diploma. Something to prove that you are more qualified than everyone else to get a job that you want/need.

I started looking at a few jobs that I might want to do, to help me choose a career and major of course, when I came across a strange job online and in Youtube (you might already know what I'm talking about). This occupation requires:
-Mobility and must be able to stand for most of the day.
-Constantly multitasking along with physical and mental exertion and should be on call 24/7.
-Excellent negotiation and interpersonal skills.
-Degrees or experience in: medicine, finance, and the culinary arts.
-Capable of handling stress in a chaotic environment.
-Able to give up all holidays for increasing workload, with a happy disposition.
-Provide an increase in meaningful connections with associates.
-And it has a non-negotiable set salary of $0,000,000.00
There are billions of candidates. And this position is called being a "Mom."

They truly are amazing. They do everything they can to help us with our lives and expect nothing in return but to have a meaningful relationship with you. That is a good way to define what a mom is. And today... It's my Mom's birthday.

I do my best to celebrate it with her but this year I can't because I need to get that edumacation. And I regret that. I know I need to study and learn but if I had the money or the chance, I would be there to celebrate it with my family. Not necessarily because I needed to be there or birthdays are the most important things in the world, but because she truly has done a lot for me and I honor her. There are countless of sleepless nights where she would wait up on me, times when I broke her down to tears, and I gave her hell through the years of my running and screaming. Though now I finally ran far enough... It led me to know how much we love her. Where right now, I desperately want to run home to all of you. I know I joke sometimes that you're not as important or that I don't love you and I am sorry. I really don't mean it and do my best to take it all back. I wanted to give you a gift but I'm too poor to give you anything right now, so I guess my gift to you is a promise. I promise to be honest and do this for my parents. Because they're the ones that helped me be here and become who I am today.

In case I won't be able to talk to them today, I hope they will read this and understand. Thank you, and happy birthday Mom!

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  1. I love you too! You're one of the best gifts i have in my life! Please stay the way you are. (Our secret code: Try not to be yourself sometimes :-))