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Sunday, January 1, 2017

And So The Holidays Passed

Well not all of them. My Mom's birthday is coming up and that's really special. Why is it special?

Because she's my birthgiver.

Holidays are cool. Growing up they were the days that I tried my best to remember. Whether it was Christmas or Easter or New Years or Halloween I can remember most of them vividly. Sorry but those are the ones I celebrate consistently, not to say that other holidays are bad, I simply don't celebrate them. Back on topic, holidays started to mean other things as I grew up. When I was born till I was about four or five, I thought they were times when papabear and birthgiver gave us more things than usual. It wasn't until I was about six, that I noticed my eldest sister give a present to others in our family rather than receive. Again when I was nine, I saw us change when we experienced our first Christmas in America. I didn't get what I wanted. I distinctly remember it being the first time I wondered if we were poor. I knew we were poor at times but I think our parents did their best to hide that fact until we're older and mature enough to laugh about it. My high bar for success at the time was people in America. And for us to be here finally I didn't expect not getting what I wanted. But I shrugged it off, and eventually three years later those gifts saved me in school. It wasn't what I wanted but it was what I needed, even when I didn't know I needed them at all.

Being home it gave me a lot of time to think (and sleep, eat, watch tv, gain fat, etc.) But I didn't write because I wanted to experience things rather than being a scribe. Today I'm writing because I don't want to forget.

This Christmas, we gave them something back. Though it may not be something they need, we as siblings gave papabear and birthgiver something they might want (and hopefully need or help them in the future somehow). I'm proud of that.

This year, we struggled at times and we did things that may have brought us down. We're weird, tearful, cool, fun, random and we make mistakes. But we persevered and we're here together as a family. Guys, that's pretty awesome.

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