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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Ch 100 A Lot of Fowles

Not much happened this past week.

Let's see here... 
-Got a new companion, his name is Elder Fowles (Hence the title). He's pretty funny and he's an incredibly good missionary. He's just a little bit over a year in the mission but he's brilliant. His teaching skills are incredible and he likes my walking. So far we're getting along.
-Went to the temple. It was neat! for the past few weeks, I've been trying to read my patriarchal blessing at least 3 times a week and since then I feel like I've been understanding more and more of what Heavenly Father wants me to do... And going to the temple today solidifies more of His love for us.
-It's rare to find someone more talkative than I am, but I am impressed because Elder Fowles has been pushing me to talk more than I'm used to haha. It's been really fun and more than that he's been a great help with helping find new investigators. 
-Gave a few presentations about life. it was cool. Maybe one day I'll record it or something.
-found peeps, worked, slept, fixed a few Rubik's cubes. It's life.

-Elder Villanueva
Tayo Na Pilipinas! (Let's Go Philippines!)

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