The Longer Ones

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Ch 72 The Lord's Errand-boy

How's your new assignment in the office?
I feel like the Lord's Errand-boy.

I mean it's fun and all, it's just a lot random rocks to do every day. like hey can you drive halfway across the mission? and I'm like cool.

Life is fun. Overall pretty good life. I am not stressed, I'm still happy. Christmas moved so fast. I'm looking for a place that sells fireworks. My family is happy which is good. my ward is alright. Nothing new.

Still here just chillin. I found a good milkshake place the other day. English is weird. Lately I've been dreaming about nature and it's not in English anymore or Tagalog. it's not in a language but in ideas.

it's weird. usually you have a mental language that you use as you communicate but lately I haven't been doing that I'm not thinking in English or Tagalog. I am thinking in ideas and I just use language as a tool to communicate that. it's fun. and it makes each language distinct and separate. it's awkward to speak taglish. it sounds like you're corrupting a tool. it's weird.

My companion's face puffed up a lot. he had a face infection that looked like his face was raped by a jellyfish. I laughed at his sorrow and agony. #best companion
then drove him to a doctor and bought drugs for him.

Christmas was fast and we ate pizza. nothing new. It be life.

-Elder Villanueva
Urdaneta Philippines Mission
Quezon City North Philippines Mission

Note from mom: For some reasons, i couldn't attach photos anymore in the last 5 chapters, so i consolidated photos and played around a video..

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