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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Ch 73 A Door

Personally I am doing alright y'all Antipolo does have me worried. I mean I'm sure a lot of other people are worried too, but this topic has caused me to have a lot long prayers. And to be honest I think it's good that the church is growing in the philippines, but I'll miss the people who will leave or stay depending on where you want me to be. Antipolo seems fun. But if I go there I dont know how i would feel about it yet.

As a companionship, we are doing great. I am showing Elder Bjornn that there is a way to do missionary work that would protect your flame to work. We do need to do more practice teaching though because he encountered an investigator yesterday that he didn't know existed. I introduced him to Melody Villanueva. She is Muslim. and like me, she wants blunt direct answers. Most filipinos are not like this, but I was trying to throw a bone to Elder Bjornn and he couldn't do it. we need to work on it. Eventually I answered her question and said,
"Yes Jesus Christ is more important than any other prophet because he did something no one else no other prophet can ever do. that He lived, and died, and rose again for you and me and all of us. That through his everlasting sacrifice there's a way we can we saved and come back to Heaven. that by coming to know him you won't be damned to hell Melody. I know in Islam you see Him as just a prophet but He is more than that. He is our saviour, the only begotten son of the only true living God and the only right path for us to be with our family again for now and eternity."

We had a fun time! but Elder Bjornn got scared cuz I think that was the most direct I've ever been with him.

In the ward. We are doing great. we're finding a lot and trying to get them to church. it's harder than Valenzuela, but we are working at it. Other than that the assignment is really fun! I love going to unknown places. I know that most people hate going in uncomfortable or new situations. I love moments like that though! When we went to Aurora BLVD for Elder Bjornn's dental appointment I was so happy. When we went to Malolos, it made me smile. I just love going to new places. I think it is exciting. Other than the door thing in Fairview, I'm liking this assignment a lot.

Fun Stories

We found a very sexy door. Yes that is the right adjective. it was quite a sexy door.

Lagro Elders broke their door. Little did we know, they broke every aspect of their door. From the hinges to the door knob to the actual door itself. The door was rekt. And so started a 5.5 hour adventure of repairing this door. First to find a door knob that could only be locked on the outside. Yeah to stay within the budget we found a very nice deadbolt. the hinges were easy, every shop had one. The hard part was the door itself.

Now we looked and searched and scavenged and asked around every where and could not find a door guy.
from plastic doors to metal doors to screen doors. none of them were right.

until there at Zabarte road a little off from the street we saw it.

the best looking door of my life. I can't explain this door. I mean it was still a door. but it was curvy. Doors can't be curvy but this one was. it was 210cm by 90cm standard door size.Mahogany and so good looking. and it was $80!!

Of course I did not buy this door. it was too good. Maybe for a Senior couple apartment or AP apartments but I just wanted to mention this door because it was a good door. I liked that door

I now know too many things about doors. Thank you I guess

-Elder Villanueva

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