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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Ch 68 Training a god with 11 Baptisms CLICKBAIT NOT CLICKBAIT

So lemme tell you something about my companion. He's really good with a computer. Like I don't think you know.... but he's really good with a computer. Like really really good.

Lemme tell you a story.

so being here in the philippines there are sketchy computers every now and then.... there are a lot of sketchy computers and because of that, our flashdrives and SD cards are often filled with viruses/malware and other horrible shats that should never be inside your camera or other devices.

Anyway being the computer whiz that he is, convinces me that one day (on a p-day) we should clean these flash drives to make sure we don't have anything bad on it.

anyway after a while we cleaned mine, and Elder Lewis' and then we got to some flashdrives in our district....

Anyway in one of the Sister's flashdrive's it was so bad that it all the code was in random characters and changed the desktop colors on the computer. But the worst one was our zone leaders.  When we plugged it in into the Church computer. (BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY a clerk's computer and church wifi is the best thing to use to kill viruses)... the computer started to glitch and shut itself off.

"Elder we need to bring this computer back to pre-windows XP, create a virtual environment, scan through every file, and use command prompt to kill em manually" -E. Lewis

"I have no idea what that means" -E. Villanueva

"I'm a fetching god" -E. Lewis

"Whelp I'm glad I taught you some humility there" - E. Villanueva

**two hours later**

"That is the cleanest flash drive I have ever seen" -E. Villanueva

Afterwards we ate wendy's, got real milk, worked, and elder Lewis just got his 11th baptism. And I am not a good trainer. I am horrible at teaching tagalog and I fall behind with some expectations that Heavenly Father might want for me. Also I should teach my anak a lil bit more humility. But we work. We strive to get the job done and at the end of the day we pray together and hope that we've done enough. And my spiritual thought for the week is this. after all we've done, remember to pray to do better with every new day.

-Elder Villanueva
Urdaneta Philippines Mission
Quezon City North Philippines Mission

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