The Longer Ones

Monday, October 14, 2013

driving thing-ehs (teen driving)

1. When driving for the first time, go to a parking lot with no cars. When you first start driving most drivers tend to notice, moving cars move away from you but parked cars will turn to a hazard at times.
2. i want a bumper sticker inside and outside the car, not for everyone else to see but for me to remember. I want the bumper sticker to have a Winnie the Pooh quote because i like him. and i want a huge bumper sticker on the back to say "slow children 1000 points each", just to scare everyone.
3.connect cellphone to car through Bluetooth, Siri will read off my texts, messages,alarms and phone calls while I'm driving, so that technically I'm not holding a phone, and it looks like I'm not using a phone.

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