The Longer Ones

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Ordinary human

I think everyone needs a humility check every once and a while. A time when we realize "oh yeah that's right! I'm not perfect." And that's totally natural. It's a part of being human.

However even though we make mistakes, it is true that there are some actions that we need to make, even when that action is a mistake. Let's make things clear, I'm far from perfect. I truly am. But whenever I come home, they greet me with the same enthusiasm as war heroes. And yeah I've done good things in my life, but calm down. I'm still an ordinary human. I still have weird thoughts. And at times I post things that I probably shouldn't have.

The last post I made about God, was very sacrilegious and something I shouldn't have done, especially considering I'm supposed to proselyte about Him. But I will not take it down. Yeah it's a mistake... but it's a mistake that I have to make. Maybe I just wanted to feel something again like guilt or shame or imperfections. But no! It's more than that. While I do have faith and I believe in Him, I am not blind. I do question him sometimes and I do find my peace. Maybe I'm just not made right. Or maybe this healthy skepticism isn't skepticism, only an imperfection. Well if it is then screw it! Imperfection is not a weakness. But by at least acknowledging these imperfections, they can be my strength.

Yes a part of me is a sarcastic, weird, and apparently sacrilegious dingus, but you know what? that's me. I'm happy this way. I'm happy being human. And I guess I just gotta keep on yelling till I accept it myself.

But of course a lot of times people just tend to ignore me, my weird thoughts, and my random introspective shit. Soooo let's just do that bro thing where we nod like douches and mutually suppress our emotions okay?


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