The Longer Ones

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Pass the baton.

I left. This post is postmarked so even though I wrote this roughly a week ago, you'll only see it now... Right about the time I hug my family one more time. Great timing right?

Gosh... I wonder how I'll be feeling right now.


Ahhh those are some fun feelings.
But that's alright. It's all a part of the job. And I'm gonna love it, because I'm already starting to.
I do admit I'll miss my family and all of my friends, but life will go on without me and I know we all will be just fine. Besides even though I'm gone, I know someone somewhere is just about to come home (or just a few hours ago).

For instance, even though I just left, I know someone who just came home. He doesn't even know me. But I know of him. Because I know he'll have a wonderful adventure with a dear bubbly friend. A week ago, this guy emailed my friend about me. And quite frankly I'm proud of him. We are similar. Maybe in writing or in experiences or in friend taste but still very different. Even though I've never met him, I'm not going to lie, he became a goal for me to achieve. From the stories my bubbly friend told me, he redeemed himself and became a standard for other missionaries. And although I have little to no doubt now that I'll be an okay missionary, if I can be at least half the man that he is I know that I'll be able to do all that God wants me to do and so much more.

And if he's at least half the friend that I was to my bubbly friend, I know that their relationship will be nothing less than celestial.

Thank you stranger. Even though you probably don't know me, I'll always be grateful. Thanks for passing the baton.

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