The Longer Ones

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Ch 1 My Sibs

I just left my family and wow it's already been such an adventure. I was lost, on the verge of tears, then a lot of tears, then a lot of self-doubt. But soon enough a series of things came my way and picked me back up. After my first flight of being alone without a companion, I started walking aimlessly in LAX. I didn't know where I was, and my connecting gate is gate 142.... I arrived in gate 14.... 

I wanted to give up and just call my mom. Another lady even offered me to use her phone, but right when I was about to take the phone, I heard something. 


 I thought I was hearing things until it came again.

"Elder! Elder!"

I looked around and I saw them. Missionaries from Samoa and Marshall Islands saying hi to each other and hugging. Right then, I said no to the phone call, and walked towards them. I didn't even need to say hi. Right when they saw me coming, they gave me a big hug too. They went under, I went over, so they had all the power in this hug. It reminded me of my siblings, and we all laughed as I showed them a picture of my family. We talked for a while and they understood what I was going through. They had big families and missed them a lot, but they told me that, "no matter what, you'll never be alone. Even though it's easy to forget at times, Heavenly Father is there for us, and we [the missionaries] are your family." They walked me to my terminal until I found a different group of missionaries going to the Philippines. I thanked them and shook their hands before they left. 

There was another thing that brought me peace. Near the hotel, on the plane, in the airport, I heard 4 things that brought me peace. My siblings and I. I heard us. Or at least the essence of us. Wherever I went, I kept hearing them. 4 things repeated. La La Land for my lil bro. Coldplay for me. Bruno Mars for my sister. And Beyonce for my eldest sister. Yeah they may not be the purest song and I didn't listen to them directly. But hearing it around me made me feel like my family is there for me. It reminded me that they are here for me. And even though it's not directly my fam bam, y'all always find a way to give me peace. Thanks.


  1. I knew it! The elders were matter what, you'll never be alone! We love you so much and we're always praying for you...and more people are praying for you. I loved your email to Ate Did... "I thought of myself as a missionary and did my best to lose myself in the work and i'm feeling better." Love you!

  2. Heavenly Father truly is watching you! Whenever you feel lost or confuse, HE will send his angels to guide you through and the Holy Ghost will calm your heart and give you peace of mind. Those simple things like songs that associate with your family will always remind you that your family is thinking and praying for you. We Love you! I love you!.....Dad

    P.S. Remember Alma 29:9