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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My Recipe

I guess my ego got a bit big didn't it?

In the last few weeks, a lot of people have been greeting me. Saying hi, saying whatever it is they like about me, or says what they'll miss about me. This is bad for my ego... it's inflating a bit too much. But a few of these people asked a different question. They asked my parents, "how did you raise him like this?" One of them even asked me personally, "What made you turn out like this?"

I didn't really have a good answer. So I guess I should make a recipe.

So what made me, me? After a while it was actually kinda simple. First off let's look at what I do most of the day. It's not watching tv or driving or writing, it's listening to music. So that's where I looked first; my music taste. What I found inside was.... me.

There I was. Every good memory. Every bad memory. I can trace my whole life through these songs. Now granted, I have a lot of songs, but a few albums really stuck out in my life. I'll list them out.

-Mylo Xyloto–Coldplay
-Vampire Weekend–Vampire Weekend
-Watch the Throne–JAY Z & Kanye
-Night Visions–Imagine Dragons
-Lasers–Lupe Fiasco
-Death of a Bachelor–Panic! At The Disco
-Cardboard Castles–Watsky
-Hot Fuss–The Killers
-The Click–AJR
-I Love You.–The Neighbourhood
-Hamilton–Broadway Cast of Hamilton
-Red–Taylor Swift
-Waking Up–OneRepublic
-Science & Faith–The Script

Yeah some of those albums are weird or sad or really happy or just what is this?! but after a while, they're a part of me. Sure make fun of me that my personality was based on music or that these are the songs that made me; me. But, don't we all do that to an extent? When it's our birthday don't we sing a song? When we get married don't we sing a song? Whenever a big or small event happens in our life, isn't there at least some kind of background music? And it's true that most of the time we probably don't pay attention or care, but when we hear that dreadful song again... it comes back doesn't it? Those feelings. No matter how happy or sad, it comes back... it always comes back... when we hear these songs.

That's me. Because more often than not, these albums became the background story of my life. And even though they're funny or weird or just plain stupid, whenever I listen to them I remember. I remember what I've done. I remember the things I care about. I remember the things I lost. I remember the friends I've made. And I'm reminded... reminded so many times of the lessons I learned.

And oh golly oh gee oh darnity darn have I learned a lot of random lessons. It's good though. It'll help me a lot in the next two years.

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