The Longer Ones

Thursday, July 20, 2017


I like gifts. They make me happy. Receiving or giving, They can make me and the people around me smile.

It's too bad though. In the two years I'm gone there's a lot of gifts I can't receive and a lot that I can't give.

Ha! I'm just kidding. I'm giving some anyway. At least a little early, to my family. I love my family. I really do. And I do my best to make right by them. Unfortunately I won't be able to really talk to them over the next few years... So I'm doing a few things early.

Since I know that my siblings currently don't read this blog, I'm going to tell y'all what I just did. Mom & Dad please if you're reading, please don't tell them yet. Gifts are a beautiful thing because they can be a physical manifestation of your love towards another person. Of course sometimes a gift is just an item. So what distinguishes them from each other? What makes a gift more than an item?

Love. Just love. Yeah it could be an $1000 handbag from Morocco, but unless it means something more, it's just a bag. After a while, I found a way to be meaningful in all my presents. The answer is a few more questions. Not for the person you're giving it to, but to yourself. Ask yourself, what do you like most about that person? What's your favorite characteristic of this person? What's your favorite memory of them?

And then after this mini interrogation, find an item that symbolizes that. You see, the key to a good present isn't the present itself, but what it represents to your relationship together. Don't buy a gift card. Don't give cash. It lacks effort, just give an item that means something to them. Take the effort. Take the time. Because isn't that the greatest commodity in the world? Not money. Not oil or energy. But time. It's something everyone has and is constantly running out of. And time shows who you really love. Who do you spend you spend your time with? What do you spend your time on? It's a good indicator on who you care about and what you love to do.

For my siblings and for those I really care about I take my time with my gifts. For my sister, 2 things to show her emotions. One to show her mutual disgust with us and another gift to show how happy I think really is. For my other sister, a comfier room that can connect with what she likes. For my little brother, literally everything else I have. And finally for Mom & Dad... I know I can't give you anything big or fancy... I know I can't give you a lot. But with what I can give I hope you can love. I'm hoping to give you stories. And even though it's not much, I hope you can like it anyway.

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