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Friday, June 30, 2017

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Oh jeezum crow?!

I've been blogging so much lately, I haven't touched my journal in a while. Strange....
Anyway I'm back home now and missing my brother's track meet but that's okay because I'm cooking celebratory fried chicken for when he wins, or sympathy chicken for when he loses.

Life is so good right now. I'm part of the super duper secret club now and to be honest sometimes it literally feels itchy but I'm getting used to it. To be honest even though it was supposed to be secret and everything, I feel like I've done this before. Right in the middle I had a legitimate deja vu moment and I knew what was going to happen next, what I was supposed to wear, what I was supposed to do, it was really strange...

My parents thought I was going to be slow but I feel like I saw it all coming.
I wrote more in my journal, not on here, because some parts a lot of parts of this story is personal. I guess I'm going to be more secretive now mwahahaha

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