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Sunday, June 25, 2017


OSH-JAY WHAT THE HELL (I'm hiding his real name... But lemme give you another hint, it rhymes with mosh)

So why am I bashing Mosh.... Well you see it's simple. Or simpler than the last few posts.

Story Time

Once upon a time an Asian Narwhal embarked on an adventure called college. College is a fun place with great opportunities for learning, discovering yourself, or in this case learning nothing at all. Usually other fun things happen in college, whether its meeting new friends, eating food, or having a friend play with my narwhal, college is a great exciting place! Unfortunately this story is not one of those things.

Going into this one university, I already knew it was fairly religious... just a tad. And that's okay! Every morning when I look in a mirror I always say, "Holy **** I'm a Narwhal," which means I'm a holy narwhal.
(I'm digressing)
Anyhoo in college we made a good group of friends. Some joined a bit late like this one redheaded dingus (digressing again) but it was still really fun. All of them were great friends and it was great when we were all physically there. But when people started to leave we realized something...
I really believe that some of them are extremely immature. And that's me saying that... the holy narwhal...

All Most of us are planning to go on missions and to the ones that don't, has a valid reason. They don't feel prompted to, they're not Mormon, they're against the whole mission thing, whatever. That's fine! I truly respect that. But one person in this group truly wants to, but his bishop (church leader) said no.

Let's talk about Mosh; i.e. osh-jay, this dingus, *cough cough* JOSH *cough cough*. His bishop did not want him to go because he believes that Mosh is too immature (and weaksauce). And quite frankly I have to agree. It's not that he's really bad or a bad person or anything, but he can't handle or tolerate any beliefs contrary to his own. Whenever it's a mature conversation, or a slightly crude one, or one about other beliefs, he leaves. In his defense, I do understand that there are times when it gets a bit uncomfortable and so he's just trying to play it safe, but I don't think that's an excuse to banish all other thought.

One time during spring he came to me and said no one was talking to him, like he was a pariah. But to be honest, wasn't that how he was treating us? The moment one of us talked about something contrary, we removed himself (very dramatically) from our groupchat.

Another friend in the group, he's a bit of an antimormon or jackmormon but he's smart about it so I like him, asked me why Mormons do this all the time. Why do we hide in a bubble? How we act, how we treat other people, how we perceive the world... To him, it was almost like brainwashing because the moment a guy like Mosh goes out in the real world, he can't function. It as if, he was made to work only in that bubble. How are we expected to preach and baptize the world, if we don't even try to understand who we're baptizing?

**deep sigh sound** (I don't know how to write that sound)

We do our best to spread some good news... a good message... but how is it going to be effective if no one thinks it's real... how is it going to change people's lives for the better, if all we're teaching them to do is to be more socially awkward. Sometimes I wonder if our "cult"ure is actually helping. And overall I think it is. But not like this. Not by running away from sin. Not by running away from opposing beliefs. Because, that's why opposition is here. It's to help us grow, and learn, and be closer to the people around us, to teach us about us. This is why Adam fell... for us to learn and improve and evolve isn't it? So why are we holding ourselves back like this? We need to learn to honor our beliefs without degrading theirs.

So let's keep on learning.

Dare to fight your fears.
Dare to stand strong.
Dare to learn more.
Dare to be yourself.
Dare to stand alone.

And to bring back that Millennial mood, dare to be better than #weaksauce.

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