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Monday, June 12, 2017

More stories to tell

It's a very human feeling. I'm sure everyone at one point or another has felt loss. Whether it's a simple goodbye or the last time you ever a friend, it has happened or will soon happen.

Why am I blogging about this...

Oh yes. Missionary life, college, choosing to leave. Yeah. I remember.
I moved a few times in my life. Sometimes I didn't care because I was too young, and sometimes it really hurt me a lot. For example I remember watching inside out and bawling because I remembered moving from Minnesota to the Bay Area.

To be honest though... I think that's why I'm so happy. Why I love talking and making and impression on people. I leave often enough that I'm just scared that my conversation with you will be my last (or at least for a long while) so I might as well make it worth it with what little time I have left (;

In 46 days I will leave on my mission. Unlike the past few times I moved, this time it's my choice. I am choosing to leave everything behind, to serve, and to do what I believe is right.

I know a fair amount of my friends were against me serving. Hell. I was against serving a mission for a while. But after a while, it's something that I've come to know to be true.

I'm done being a bitch to revelation. I'm done rejecting what's right in front of me. I need to accept what's going on and be happy. And I am. This mission is something I want to do.

I know I'm not the perfect guy, nor the perfect Mormon boy. Looking back I swore twice just in this post (I'll cross it out). But I need to say that even though I am choosing to leave my life for two years, that does not mean I'm doing it with blind faith. I know I'm leaving my friends behind and to be honest I am struggling with it (as most missionaries do).

I can already imagine missing my mom and my family and all my friends. I'll be gone. But that's alright. Because one day, whether it's a day after I leave or 6 months from now, you'll smile and I'll know that you're still happy. That you'll always find the strength to move on.

Besides while everyone's doing their own thing, I'll be in the Philippines. And somehow somewhere, I'll do something stupid as always, hoping to find more stories to tell.

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