The Longer Ones

Saturday, June 10, 2017

More normal

So I failed my first midterm today.

I always made fun of Grayson for school. Nothing too bad of course! Just friendly sarcasm whenever he gets an okay grade...

And then I tell him I got 100% in accounting or something along those lines, at which point he yells at me saying.

"FRICK YOU!" (Wait... did he say frick or another word.... I can't remember)

Anyway... academic wise I think he admired my work ethic. Even though I hung out with friends until 6:30A.M. every other day, I was the one able to sustain multiple jobs, maybe an internship, and a little bit more credits than normal.

And you know I respect him too. He's a really smart guy in some topics like environment and cars.

But because of this admiration I think he saw me as an insane nerd. Until today (well... technically yesterday).

I failed my first midterm test today. It never happened to me before and you know it's pretty humbling.

I guess this makes me more normal.

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  1. Normal is good...sometimesđŸ˜•. It leaves you room to grow and become more determined in being the extraordinary you that you are!