The Longer Ones

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Missionaries: A Confession on their Lives.

Early to bed.
Early to rise.
Grumpy prayers.
Random partners.
New investigators.
Work. Hard work.

The life of a missionary.

You know I'm not even a missionary yet. I really don't know what it would even feel like, so I'm probably not the best person to describe it.

I'm very excited to be honest. A lot of food, fun times to come, and more stories to tell. Whenever you ask a missionary about their 2 year service experience they always tell you the good about it.
"Totally worth it!"
"It was a life-changing experience"
But let's be real... Being a missionary doesn't make us perfect. Maybe more obligations and more responsibilities... but not perfect. Bad things still happen. We still get sick. Some of us die. We have terrible days too.

Things are bound to happen. Whether it's accidentally taking a dump in your pants (which happens... apparently), or falling in love with an investigator. Things happen. We're not perfect.

Luckily.... we don't have to be.
As long as we try.
A little bit harder.
And just be willing.
To say one word.

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