The Longer Ones

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


The following are quotes my family or I have said in the process of moving back home from college for the summer.

Take it!
Leave me alone!
What the butts is this?
Why do I own 3 irons?
If I poop here, I don't have to poop in Nevada and Nevada sucks.
Guys we're Mormon #allwivesmatter
If I was an x-men I'd be Professor Xavier because I wanna be in a f***ing wheelchair
Look! more dirt.
Are we there yet?
According to my calculations, there's nothing here.
Hehe hehehe salt.
Shoot I think I forgot something!
Did they almost die?
I'm so done with your audiobook
Why does everyone here wear overalls?
Ahhh moo-bears (cows)
I think I just hit a bird...
Ahhh traffic, how I missed you
I have some really emo songs
Mom... can you pay for gas?
That's one sexy chicken
You smell that weed? that's how you know we're close
I'm home.

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