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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Spring term


It's unnecessarily hard, accelerated classes that hurts my soul. But if it's such a big mistake then why did I choose to take it?

It's quite simple. I'm a nerd. Last semester I SUCCEEDED in taking the maximum credit hours, 2 jobs, and an internship. And I succeeded with my highest overall GPA. I was really proud of myself, I still am. Unfortunately, this pride has caused me to take on a terrible mistake.

Spring term.

During spring term I can only take half the maximum credit count (9 credits), which is perfect for taking 3 classes. So naturally, I took 3 classes.

It's not that I chose hard classes... It's that I chose the 3 classes I know my eldest sister struggled in, and decided, "what the hell, let's go!"

Instead of having 3-4 months to digest these classes, I only have 6 weeks to finish. There's 2 weeks left in the term and I am collapsing, busy, and losing motivation. To be honest, I just want to leave and go to the Philippines. If I didn't take spring term, I would be home relaxing and then going to Hawaii...

Ahhh the opportunity costs... But you know what? that's the sacrifice.

In the next 2 years I will sacrifice a lot. (Technically the entire 2 years is a sacrifice). It's doing the service. It's working for the benefit of everyone around you. It's working without the expectation for a return or immediate return. And I'm proud that I will have the opportunity to go serve. But for now, while I waste time in my room, I'll write and write and finish what I started.

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