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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Ch 49 Villanueva in Valenzuela

This week has been very tiring. From transferring to teaching Unites to the Caloocan blitz to mapping Valenzuela and Marulas wards, we had a very productive/tiring week. I'm in Valenzuela now with Elder Lowery. I've been here for only 4-5 months I think... and I've had 10 areas.... (moral of the story: don't tell the mission president you love to travel).

But so far I love it! I am losing a bit of weight though but we're still working nonetheless. Both wards are very excited to have us and we're doing what we can to find and map and baptize the rest of them. There is one thing I noticed though, for a while I've been transferring every 3 weeks. And it's not necessarily a bad thing, in fairness I think it helps me hasten the work even more. It reminds me that my time here as a missionary is very very short, and I should work in my area everyday like it's my last. Because well it might be. I don't know what Heavenly Father wants of me, but I'm sure that wherever I'm sent to next or if I stay here, I will work like it's going to be the best last day of my life, and find and teach everyone Heavenly Father wants me to.

As a companionship Elder Lowery says a lot of stupid things but he is pretty brilliant. He doesn't say offensive things just dumb things like, "Is commodity a type of bird?" or "don't say linguist, that's an exotic dancer." it makes everyday pretty interesting. I look forward to another funny quote to write in my journal. but in all seriousness, he has a lot of great ideas. Including one called Unites. It's a play on words for Nephites and he seeks to unite an institute type class and jiffy. Basically every saturday we ask members to bring friends for some food or a short game then we teach Lesson 1 or 2.... and if they don't go to church the next day we drop them, if they continue to go and to Unites then we keep teaching them until baptism. and so far it has been very very effective.

In this zone I feel very comfortable. Elder Ewing and Lowery and Montemayor are teaching me a lot, and they're one of the hardest working missionaries I've met. I'm working harder than before and I'm excited to keep on learning and growing to do what Heavenly Father knows is best for us.

Oh also we had a baptism a found a cool burger place, I made fried chicken yesterday which was some dang fine chicken. I trained a ward clerk things, bought mangoes for 12 pesos (worth it), and waded through some belly button deep flood water. Which is the perfect height for us to wade through. I also got sick but proselyted anyway and now we got 4 more investigators!!! life is fantastic! I also stepped on poop but luckily it was not a rusty nail. #blessed

You see it's those small things in life that are great to remember. Those small and happy miracles that if we constantly look for, we'll remember and see how He blesses our lives everyday.

-Elder Villanueva
Urdaneta Philippines Mission
Quezon City North Philippines Mission

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