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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Ch 48 The Work Continues

Life is fantastic! Not a lot of support left, but life is good as ever! I finally got to know the whole ward and we're 25 -35 names away from finish mapping Pangarap ward! The bishopric loves us and we're building relationship and finding a lot more new investigators. But now, I'm not needed here. It's time I leave the area for another set of elders to finish the job.

I'm transferring to Valenzuela ward with Elder Lowery and I'm so excited because we're batch! It's been a while since I've seen him, but we were in the same flight heading to the MTC and I'm so happy to see him again tomorrow. I feel so grateful to be in his area and to see an old friend again, and though I'm leaving Pangarap ward, I know it's okay because it's being left to 2 really qualified elders; Elders Ouabe and ParreƱas.

I'll really miss Elder Ouabe and our time together but I know that if he continues to study what I taught him, he'll be fluent in English before he comes home. Fun story though, one of our fellowshippers is this RM named Elder Aga. Anyway he's extremely mataray (sassy), and I just think it's funny because whenever he works with us, he finds a way to insult chastise compliment us at the same time. For example, he called me a nerd but said "it's okay keep going, maybe one day you'll be as smart as me." Many thoughts came to my head like "the humility on this guy.." but he's funny and it makes it more fun because elder Ouabe and I are very quiet together sometimes, so he keeps it interesting. I guess with him around, I learn to appreciate those small and simple things more and more and to laugh through our mistakes to learn and keep growing. He's a nice guy.

Oh we also had a baptism last saturday! She's a sweet soul (her name is Mischa), very kind and loves to read the Book of Mormon. And I don't know if I can dedicate baptisms but if I can, I want to dedicate it to Sister Tillman because she continually works to be the missionary that Heavenly Father wants, even in times that she's not a missionary. It exemplifies the characteristics in the PMG when it says that the success of a missionary is "based on our commitment to spread the truth."

In other news, I bought a Spanish dictionary and for language study I'm reading Ang Aklat Ni Mormon and El Libro De Mormon at the same time. It's interesting but I like it. Sorry sis (my eldest sister) that I took your Spanish Book of Mormon, please forgive me.

Also last thought, the Atonement and missionary work. Missionary work was never easy but that's because salvation is not a cheap experience. It's meant to be hard because it's worth it. because I can't explain it in English anymore, please if you have the time, watch this video and have an awesome week y'all!!!​
 Missionary Work and the Atonement-I6FKiNVbw3Y_x...

-Elder Villanueva
Urdaneta Philippines Mission
Quezon City North Philippines Mission-

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