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Monday, July 2, 2018

Ch 46 Ghost Mapping

Hey y'all first off, I did have a post last week but the file was too big so it's posted on my blog in but I wasn't able to email it to you guys... sorry. 

Secondly I've been semi-lying to you for the past few weeks. well not really but I was hiding something. But now I'm so happy because I can tell you all about it now.

My Zone Leader (Elder Nelson) and I were called on a special assignment for the last 3 weeks. In the last 3 weeks it was bawal (banned) for us to go proselyting and instead we were suppose to find and map every member in 4 wards, so that we can change ward and stake boundaries and so that ministering will be more effective so that other members can find them more easily. 

I just want to clarify, when I say find, I mean find the exact gps coordinates of their front door. In the end of our three weeks together we were able to find roughly 6,000 members and over 1370 households. Because of our work we were able to create new meetinghouses and wards that will be more convenient for each member. (I can talk to you more about this adventure so feel free to email back and ask). If you're familiar with Philippine geography our companionship mapped every member from bulacan to Norzagaray and now I'm so excited to be teaching again!!!! 

My new area (7th area in 4 months...) is Pangarap ward in San Jose Del Monte Stake!!! whoo-hoo!!!! yes I know 7 areas was a lot but I promise I was not disobedient, I just mapped and moved around a lot.... like too much--i miss teaching. But right now I'm super happy because my companion is Elder Ouabe! I've been here for 4 months, and he has 4 months left hahaha. But don't worry our vocabulary work for the week is relentless and I promise, we won't come home until we lost a kilo from walking or basically from sheer exhaustion. 

Pangarap ward is an incredible ward and it helps that I know all the previous missionaries in the ward so even though I'm new it already feels like family. Even though my teaching skills are a bit rusty haha together I know that we'll keep going and convert

Oh also while mapping, the mission president didn't say I couldn't baptize..... so we binyag (baptized) a few peeps. the 3rd picture is my new companion, Elder Quabe and a few other knick knacks

oh the other pictures were about 2 marriages that I organized..... I had a busy 3 weeks okay... just like chill thx. oh and they were baptized after the wedding so yeah it was cool.

and two more picture of the norzagaray river!!! 
and when I was mapping I was in 5 different stakes... it was weird.

question? karadagdagdagan? gustong bawasan? no? cool, I'm tired... I'm gonna proselyte for a few more hours. I'll email again next week

-Elder Villanueva
Urdaneta Philippines Mission
Quezon City North Philippines Mission

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