The Longer Ones

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Ch 47 "It's a long walk. but a good one."

Today I wanna start with quotes of the week

"my shoes are pretty holey.... yeah."

"'Elder Villanueva have you no respect for the sacredness of your calling?' 'Sorry I forgot to buy rice'"

"It's always down the ghetto path isn't it?"

"IT'S ALWAYS A FROG! Even if it looks like a cow, THAT'S A FROG!"

"Are you eating salt and rice?"

"Elder! did you know that if we look in the mirror we can clearly see how we are low key idiots"

"Misyonero ka ba? ay hindi, parang lang!"

Our companionship so far has been a diligent but funny one to say the least. Elder Ouabe is always happy and dreadfully honest, while I follow along the literal small and narrow paths and well we teach.

Nothing too interesting has happened this week. yup. church was great. life is good. My legs look fantastic and we're out of support 10 days early. Life is fantastic! God blesses us everyday and with anything that comes our way, we're still smiling... or at the very least smiling... and laughing... sometimes together... but mostly at each other.

It's a great blessing to have (; also no pics this week sorry.

-Elder Villanueva

Urdaneta Philippines Mission

Quezon City North Philippines Mission

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