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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Ch 50 Find and Remind

Life is great. food is good. I got sick last week but worked it off. and overall life is great!!!! Personally I'm happy. still working hard. Marulas Ward is basically done with mapping and I'm trying to organize fellowshipping assignments and facebook night with bishop to organize moveouts and to reactivate. They're getting there though and I know with some more work, it'll work out. Valenzuela ward is great and and I'll start mapping it this week while also teaching Less Actives/Part Member. They're doing great, but both wards are preparing for one of us to leave just in case on transfer day. Personally I feel happy if I stay or if I don't, either way the area is better now. Do I have weaknesses? always but always repenting and improving. the mission is going pretty fast.

As a companionship. Elder Lowery is Elder Lowery. Funny accent, great teacher, could be bit more organized. I remind him a few things he forgets about though like baptismal clothes, or appointment with bishop but all is well. I don't really have a complaint. Here's a great companion and we do what we need to and get it done. Sometimes he holds his emotions in his face though and the members notice when he's annoyed but that's an easy fix. ummmm we talk about food places like Zaxby's a lot. we miss southern food... yeah. I'm starting to lead more though and the area is getting better every day.

As kabahays. There is a little bit of contention. But we're working it out.

One important lesson/story I learned in the week. A testimony doesn't die but it can be buried away. Last Sunday I helped a few less active families go back to church in Marulas ward and it all happened because we visited for 5 minutes. we quickly introduced ourselves. And he said we didn't go to church because his house burnt down. Right then and there, I felt prompted to ask about his family. He said they're okay but a bit sad.

"Brother for yo, do you believe the gospel can help your family"
"Yes, yes I think it can."

Right then I bore my testimony on families and Jesus Christ, and he went to church. But I don't think that was because of me at all. He already knew what was right. what he needed to do. and what he needed to tell his family. sometimes they just need to be reminded that. Because when we're offended or make a mistake, if we look at the bigger picture, that's a small blip in Heavenly Father's plan for us. Like a parent waiting for their child to come home, when we get back home. When we go to church, He doesn't care what we did in the past. All that matters is that you're home. That he sees you in His home at church. If we just choose to remember what we already know, that Heavenly Father loves us, and wants us home. If we remember and do that, I know that He'll be well pleased.

Also this week we got 18 investigators at church, 1 baptism, and reactivated 2 families, life is good! and we burnt a few things... notice this is an electric stove.... it's yeah.

-Elder Villanueva
Urdaneta Philippines Mission
Quezon City North Philippines Mission

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