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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Ch 54 The Narrow Path

This week was pretty good. it's a high 9/10 if not a 10/10 week. Personally I feel good. It's a great week! I have no complaints we're working hard, Elder Lowery is training me on how to be a district leader in case he leaves next transfer and we're still making sure that the work progresses and that we will continue to have investigators for next transfer. We are planting a lot of seeds.

As a companionship, we're doing pretty good! He kept laughing at me after zone conference though because I had to take out a loan and when Sister Hughes talked about spending money wisely, Elder Lowery whispered this in my ear

"That's straight chastisement from God"

It's true hahaha in my defense I lost 500 pesos and utilities in Valenzuela are ridiculous, but still I should've done better to budget. Anyway some fun stories!!!
We were looking for this one member and his name was Madueke. He's a part member from South Africa that moved to Marulas ward and is currently less active. I told Elder Lowery about him and he was like,
"Whaaaaaaaatttt I've never met anyone like that! Let's find him!!"
And then started a 3 hour journey lost in the barangays of Marulas.... after much tracting we found his house... with no one home. then we sat down, opened up and had personal inventory.
During the end of our personal inventory we came to the conclusion that,
"minsan.... we are bobos" (sometimes... we are idiots)
Yesterday we were spread a bit thin, we attended church 5 times. Marulas ward then Bocaue Ward then Meycauayan 2nd Ward then Valenzuela Ward then University Hills Ward. We were spread a bit thin... just a bit hahaha. But as we were counting our investigators in our two wards we realized something... today is the perfect opportunity to break our SMA record of 20 (this means having 20 new investigators attend church by their own free will (we did not force them, they chose to go to grow their faith and investigate whether or not they like the church and wanna be part of the LDS church)). We had 8 in Marulas ward which is a great start. and then Valenzuela ward started. We counted 12 and we realized if 1 more investigator went to church we can beat our personal record.... YAAAASSSS YASSSSS

but as time went on, it was still at 20 and Elder Lowery began to be very disappointed. Then I told him something straight from the heart
"Elder Lowery we got 20 SMA's and you're sad!? you're spoiled! We most likely have more progressing investigators than any other missionary in the next 3 missions"
"Is that girl baptized yet?"
"that's the Beehive President Elder Lowery"
**and then Elder Lowery joking around**
"What about that feller? is he baptized?"
"That's President Costales' son, he's about to go on a mission"
**deep bone sigh**
"I reckon 20 will do"
Last story, we were mapping to rearrange ward boundaries, because one of the wards is about to split and they asked us to help map to have an accurate boundary and to reactivate people. Simple enough. Anyway we were in a different area that we weren't familiar with whatsoever, and suddenly the skyline for the city started to disappear and we found a narrow bridge. It was over a large river and our worker told us,
"Elders I'm pretty sure this is the boundary of your mission, on the other side is Quezon City mission"
"Oh okay..."
Now like every self respecting Elder, of course we would not break the rules! no never!
"Elder Lowery do you wanna take pictures? but not go on the other side?"
we took a few cool pictures (; and after the pictures we felt the spirit disappear and we ran back on the right side of the bridge.

Oh we also proselyted everyday, solved a few problems, reinvigorated people's faith in God, and we're on track to get more baptisms next week. Life is okay

-Elder Villanueva
Urdaneta Philippines Mission
Quezon City North Philippines Mission

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