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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Ch 52 Opening up the Bowels of Heaven (it flooded)

Oh yeah. last week, the title was "opening my bowels to repentance" because I'm starting to love spicy food and I ate a kilo of peppers with rice. my bowels repented for 4 hours. (I miss Elder Ouabe's spicy food) but I'm good now. This happened a few weeks ago, I just forgot to mention it.  This week it flooded and flooded and flooded. the worse was up to our  belts or bellybutton but we pressed on. kept teaching. and it worked-ish?

We helped a guy save his truck from drowning so we pushed the dead truck for a kilometer through the 2-3ft floods. It was nice because he said he'll go back to church the next day. Apparently a very less active man who just needed a small push to get back in the right direction. yes I mean that both ways (truck and testimony). (;

We also baptized one of our investigators Melody. She's chill. Sometimes a bit of a headache because she asks a lot of deep questions about the fall of Adam, the resurrection, repentance process and may debate. Which isn't a bad thing at all, but with great patience and love, I believe like Melody, everyone can come to know the truth. We just gotta love em. Because if a missionary (or anyone really) is more interested in winning than loving. Their work will never amount to anything in the world. Harsh words probably.... but I mean it's true. And unfortunately as missionaries we see it happen all the time too... because it's a simple truth that people often forget. If only we forget ourselves and remember Him, we will all come closer to who Heavenly Father wants us to be. Because in every moment, we are given a choice, and in those those few moments where it matters, if we decide to choose to win for ourselves rather than what we know is right, it'll only bring contention. And well to summarize, "contention is not an attribute of Christ, but is of the Devil."

I also went to the temple. Had a very fun time. 10/10 would do again.

Spiritual thought of the week is about missionary work and humility. or any kind of work and humility in general. specifically in 3rd Nephi 13. I'll summarize for time's sake but I highly recommend people to read this because well I'm guilty for needing work on this too. basically, whenever you do work or spiritual work, don't do it to show off, do it because it's what you genuinely want to do. If you do it only to show off, your gain and reward will be that. But if you do it, even in secret. if we pray because we want to, because we genuinely want to come closer to God, then he will bless us everywhere else.

-Elder Villanueva
Philippines Urdaneta Mission
Philippines Quezon City North Mission

Also sleeping with a map because we were mapping and reactivating

the temple and temple pics

oh and monumento in caloocan. it looks weird at night

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