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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Ch 51 Opening my bowels to repentance

My little brother hugged Eeyore. He was at Disneyland and hugged Eeyore. I just wanted to mention that because I love Winnie the Pooh. My week has been fantastic to say the least. a few of our splits fell through so we had to focus more on valenzuela more than marulas this week. but it's okay. I'm repairing relationship between Bishop Osma and missionaries and the ward loves us now. like really really likes us now. I can't explain it. throughout the week we mapped, found a few of our unites, and met with our referrals from jiffy. basically with or without splits, we are busy nonetheless. Transfer calls was nice and refreshing because I didn't transfer! YASS! Finally the ward will actually get to know me. I'm so happy. But I wish I get to lead. Maybe next transfer or a few transfers after that. I still have a while in the mission, but sometimes I just wish I get to lead an area, or at least to not be a secretary. It's okay though, pagtsatsagaan ko na lang (I'll work through and keep going). I guess if anything, this is probably Heavenly Father telling me, "you're still in a preparatory state, keep learning and when you're ready, something will come of it."

Elder Lowery is very funny. different from other comps. Elder Lutz as a DL was ummm a bit, he was a bit lazy as a DL but very funny and got along really well with the district. Elder Ouabe was extremely serious as a DL but got the work done. Elder Lowery on the other hand is just funny and hard working. He reminds me so much of Elder Belnap. Has great ideas but says something stupid all the time. a few nights ago he passed out on the floor (I tired him out from mapping because he's not used to it) and Elder montemayor fell asleep on his bed next to where Elder Lowery fell asleep and the two of them were sleep talking together.

"mommy, mommy, help! no help" -E. Montemayor

"shhh hushhh it's okay" -E. Lowery

"Okayyy I love you" - E. Montemayor

"Package? package? mailrun. PACKAGES!!!!!!" -E. Lowery **screaming**

Together we're doing great. I'm using my mapping strategy to find investigators and PM families on wednesday-thursday, friday is unite referrals,tuesday is jiffy referrals, saturday is unites and sunday is results day. so far it's pretty successful model for our time management as missionaries and we had 20 investigators as church this sunday. I just pray it continues.

We'll keep working on it and see how we can improve our processes. But if you have any ideas that could help, we would love to listen to them. Lately though we have been praying that we will be given more knowledge because we know, that we can only learn things that humans are to learn but it is only through Heavenly Father that we can learn divine truths to help our lives. Like Einstein and Newton (who are very religious men), I believe that those truths are only possible because of their diligence and their ability to follow prompting from God.

Our wards. Marulas is getting there. We recently jiffy-ed, finished mapping in the ward, and hoping to find more people there to teach. Maybe switch focus families , or have a few FHE's in specific PM families.

In Valenzuela ward, life is good. Ward is very active, perfect to start unites, but I think it can be more aggressively marketed in the youth instead of Elders Quorum and Relief Society. I'll talk about it with Elder Lowery more. we also brought an Iglesian family to church this week!! it's so cool and I'm proud of them so much. #repenteveryday #relentlesseveryday

some pics

-my dad and bro seeing winnie the pooh and eeyore. DANG IT!!!!

-Elder Montemayor finally catching a fish

-a puzzle of My Neighbor Totoro that I dragged for 5 km to the apartment, with a picture frame

-Elder Villanueva

Urdaneta Philippines Mission

Quezon City North Philippines Mission

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