The Longer Ones

Monday, November 7, 2016


First of all some background. I'm a Mormon (just in case my name didn't make it obvious enough). Anywho in our church we have this tradition when a guy turns 18, where he has the obligation to serve a mission. First off, notice I said obligation. Meaning it is not necessarily required because it is our choice to whether or not we should go. Secondly a mission is a two year trip/quest/adventure where we proselyte and serve the Lord through service and preaching the Gospel.

As most of you probably already know or can imagine, there are criticisms to this action.

Why do you want to go?
What's so important about it?
Isn't that expensive?
You're sacrificing way too much for your God aren't you?
Is it worth it?
What's your motivation?
Is it because you want to or because others are telling you to?

Of course it's easy to dismiss these criticisms however that wouldn't make us a smarter generation only an ignorant one. And I hate that because that means I don't know what I'm talking about.

So let's address them.

I want to go because it's what I'm commanded to do, and I believe it would help generations upon generations to come to the church, while also strengthening my own testimony. It's important because it has the capacity to bring joy, faith, and love in other people's lives that they may not have experienced before. Yes, it is expensive and self-funded but totally worth it. If God gave me my life, then is giving him 10% (of it so far) so much of a sacrifice. And finally the tipping point is the motivation.

Maybe not as emphasized in the church but this is the concept that can destroy an entire mission, a testimony, and the lives of everyone around you.

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