The Longer Ones

Thursday, November 24, 2016

I was editing for 12 hours straight.

YEAH THAT'S RIGHT!! I'm a videographer too!

It was really fun. As painful and as long as it was, it was a pleasure.

I was only able to film and edit video in sophomore year of high school but ever since then, I always saw it as a fun project. I remember leaving my old high school and not wanting to leave. I was so much in denial that I convinced some teachers to accept me in some junior/senior classes. And though it was difficult for me to do as an underclassman it was a pleasure.

My teacher for writing 150 assigned this digital summary for a paper that we have already written. And the medium that I chose was naturally a video. Almost everyone else chose to just write their summaries as a blog, but look at this try-hard (me) he chose to do a video. In my defense I don't think I was really trying that hard considering that in my head being a filmmaker is one of my dead dreams.

I once had the desire to pursue it. I had the skills to do it. I knew how to be successful at it. But I just chose not to be.

As painful as it might sound, it truly was a pleasure.

Here's the link to that video if you'd like to see
It's about Judicial Activism and I put a Thanksgiving note at the very end. Happy Thanksgiving.